Introducing Your Pet To Reiki

Most pets love their Reiki treatments but the introduction to Reiki should be gradual and well thought out. Animals are very sensitive to energy. They can feel it and smell it. If you have just become initiated in Reiki, your pet will sense it immediately. Some pets require a bit of time to get used to the “new you” … other pets won’t leave you alone from the very first time they sense the Reiki energy! We teach Reiki techniques for pet in all of our Reiki classes.

Whatever the situation may be for you and your pet, introducing your pet to Reiki should be a gradual process. Let your pet sniff your hands, then give her praise, gentle petting, and a reward such as a healthy treat.  Repeat this process over and over again until your pet is comfortable and relaxed. Remember to be mindful and listen to your pet’s body language for signs that she wants to end the session. Your pet can’t tell you in words when it’s time to quit.

The introductory process may take time, so be patient. Never hold down or restrain a pet while you are introducing her to Reiki. If you were to do this, your pet’s mind would create a negative association to Reiki. Not only is this unfair to your pet, but afterwards this conditioning would be hard to break.

As your pet begins to get used to the Reiki energy, gently place your hands on her body so that your pet can feel the energy flow. Use gentle words of praise, e.g., “good girl,” or “what a good dog” etc. for reinforcement. Note: If your pet is extra sensitive to the energy flow try keeping your hands approximately 12 inches above the pet’s body. The treatment will still be effective but not as intense as if you placed your hands directly on the fur.

When your dog is ready to stand up and move, let her go, and praise her again. Then, after a while, offer more Reiki, place your hands gently on her body, continuing from where you left off.