Reiki Shoulder Treatment

Reiki Shoulder Treatment for Painful Shoulders

Giving a Reiki Shoulder treatment can be very helpful for painful, stress and tired shoulders as well as for shoulder injuries. This type of Reiki treatment is also effective for use before and after many types of shoulder surgery including rotator cuff repair, impingement syndrome, and surgery for shoulder instability.

In order to administer the Reiki shoulder treatment you’ll want to sandwich the client’s shoulder joint between your hands and allow the Reiki energy to flow from one hand to the hand. As you hold this Reiki hand position for several minutes, the Reiki energy will have a chance to deeply penetrate the shoulder bringing soothing healing and calm to the muscles and joints.

The Reiki shoulder treatment should always be part of a full body Reiki session. In addition, it is important to remember to treat both shoulders while doing the Reiki shoulder. This is necessary in order to keep the energy balanced. This short video shows you how to do the treatment.

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  1. Rossella Bardile

    It’s amazing, but what about self-treatment for a painful shoulder affected by arthrosis?

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