Trinity Center First Reiki Center in the USA

For this week’s “Throw Back Thursday,” we have a card from The John Harvey Gray Center’s Historical Collection. It is a Trinity Center business card circa 1976. Trinity Center was the First Reiki Center in the main land USA. It was located in Redwood City, CA.

You can see on the back of the card Hawayo Takata’s name along with John Harvey Gray’s. John Harvey Gray was one of the original 22 Reiki Masters created by Hawayo Takata.  Trinity Center’s pastor was the Rev. Beth Gray, also one of the original 22 Reiki Masters. At that time,Trinity Center was considered a major center for metaphysical studies and hosted many important figures such as author James Redfield, who wrote the “The Celestine Prophecy,” author and teacher Jeffrey Mishlove, host of the very popular TV series “Coast To Coast,” and of course, Hawayo Takata.

Hawayo Takata together with John Harvey Gray taught numerous Reiki classes at Trinity Center and established the first Reiki share there.

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  1. I’m so happy for this post!
    I’ve just designed my own Reiki services business card, and to see this one has inspired me. I like how the 5 ideals are listed on the back ! ~

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