Clear Quartz The Perfect Gemstone Partner for Reiki Healing

Clear Quartz — Crown Chakra (Sahasrata) All Chakras (Formation — Primary)

Key Words: Amplification, Clearing, Cleansing, Healing, Programming.

We teach our students in the Reiki Crystal Healing class that clear quartz is the perfect gemstone partner for Reiki healing. Because of its clarity and crystalline structure, it is able to transmit and amplify the Reiki energy beautifully. Clear quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It draws off negative energies of all kinds. It cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies. It stimulates the immune system and brings the chakras into balance by aligning them with the subtle bodies and the aura. When faceted, it can be programmed for a variety of purposes because of the way it grows inside the earth.

Clear quartz forms directly from minerals in the magma, a very hot stew of rocks and minerals, deep inside the earth. Pressure and heat from the center of the earth cause cracks to occur in the earth’s crust, forming a mold into which the magma seeps in. Over the next several million years the magma, which had already seeped into the crack, cools down and crystallizes into a beautiful quartz crystal.

It takes a very long time for minerals to form into beautiful crystals. When clear quartz is a molten state, its minerals are just the potential for becoming beautiful crystals. It takes a lot of energy (heat and pressure) from the earth, the passage of time, and the room to grow in order for the clear quartz to grow. This type of rock formation is called igneous or primary formation. Igneous stones form directly from the magma deep inside the earth.

 How Does Clear Quartz Help Us?

We grow and develop in very much the same manner as clear quartz does. Genetic traits we inherit from our parents influence our personalities, abilities and talents and can be compared to the clear quartz when it is in a molten state deep inside the earth. These traits exist within us as potentials. It takes years of growing and learning for the potentials to be expressed to one extent or another. First, we need to spend the time and energy to learn, and have the room to grow before the potentials can become established as personality traits, abilities and talents. For instance, it makes no difference if we are born as talented a painter as Rembrandt was, were we never to pick up a brush and paint. Or if we have the musical talent of a Mozart and we never pick up an instrument and play.

Igneous rocks and crystals, such as clear quartz are the best choice when you are learning new things, growing and developing your abilities and talents. Igneous rocks and crystals provide you with the right energy to support your growing and learning processes.