Reading The Human Aura

Have you ever wished that you could learn to see and read the human aura?  You can! Auras are real and anyone can easily learn to read them. Knowledge about the human aura is ancient. For thousands of years, clairvoyants and psychics have described the presence of auras. Learning to see and read auras is a natural ability, not one that requires years of intensive spiritual study to develop.  Even though some believe that the ability to perceive auras is a spiritual gift granted only to a few lucky individuals, thousands of ordinary people have learned to read auras after having only one short lesson.

Australia’s leading authority on the human aura, author Judith Collins, explains that everyone is born with the ability to see auras. Infants and toddlers can see them easily.  Collins claims that although seeing auras is a form of psychic ability everyone is born with, most people repress this ability as they grow older.  She believes that the growth and development of children’s psychic abilities becomes stunted when adults fail to give children the needed encouragement and support in their intuitive pursuits.

Even when the mind represses the ability to perceive auras, most people are able to regain this ability easily. Many aura readers do not engage in advanced spiritual practices, nor are they involved in metaphysics or the occult. The physiology of the human eye plays an important role in the viewing of auras as well as learning how to observe with a relaxed gaze, and understanding what to look for while you view the aura.  Some of today’s most effective aura teachers have used this knowledge to teach thousands of students to read auras.

What is the human aura?

The human aura is a container for bio-energy. The body’s energy or Qi, prana, acoustic fields,
electromagnetic fields, and other fields, which we do not yet understand are all present in the human aura. These fields form a seven layer energetic mold, or mirror image of the person. The first layer corresponds to the physical body. The second layer corresponds to emotions and contains the colors. The third layer corresponds to the mind and contains thought. The first 3 layers of the aura are visible to the human eye and are palpable to the touch. Layers 4 through 7 are the spiritual layers that we share will all of humanity. These higher layers need to be observed in an eyes-closed meditative state. Each layer of the aura vibrates at a higher octave than the one below it. Chakras are created by the spin of auric layers. Each chakra has its own corresponding auric layer.

All things present in the physical body are also present in the aura in an energetic form. All changes that take place in the physical body happen first energetically in the aura. This is the Law of Manifestation. By understanding this law, and learning to read auras, we can be more effective Reiki healers.

Here’s a quick and easy exercise to get you started on your path to reading the human aura:

  1. Lie down in bed and close your eyes. Then give your eyes Reiki for a few minutes in order to relax them. (Before you start this exercise, turn on a soft white light that is not too bright. Make sure the room is softly lit … preferably, a little on the dim side. It also helps if the color of the ceiling in the room is white because the color white reflects back all colors. This is important in reading auras.)
  2. Gently open your eyes. Raise your hands as far as you can above your face with the palm side of the hands facing you.
  3. Now, gently gaze at the ceiling using your peripheral vision–your side vision.  Look a few inches away from your fingers. (Never look directly at the fingers.) Do not blink your eyes. The ceiling will act as the background against which the aura around your fingers will reflect. Note: The aura must always reflect against a surface in order for it to be visible.
  4. After a few minutes you will start noticing a ‘double image’ around your fingers. This ‘double image’ is really the first layer of the aura. It is called the ‘etheric double.’ Its color is either clear or milky white. If you continue with the exercise for another few minutes, you will start seeing the second layer of the aura. The second layer is called the ‘astral or emotional layer’ and is where the colors reside. The second layer will likely appear as a very delicate blue or green transparent haze around your fingers. The reason I say ‘blue or green’ is because blue and green are some of the most common colors present in the aura; however, other colors could also be observed. Congratulations! You just read the aura around your hands and fingers!

Practice this exercise every day and soon you will begin to see airs humans, animals and plants. If you are interested in learning to read auras come to to one of our Learn To See Auras workshops where you’ll learn much more about how to read auras and chakras, visually and kinesthetically, including how to read each of the layers of the aura, and how to keep your aura and chakras healthy, balanced and safe.