Learning To See Auras – Debunking Myth #2

The first step in learning to see auras is separating fact from myth so let’s debunk the second most common myth.

Myth #2: The aura always appears in its entirety, covering the whole body. This belief creates one of the most common obstacles people encounter when they try to view the aura and the reason for why many fail to recognize it.

The notion that auras appear in their entirety as an egg shaped sphere of glowing colors that surround the body of humans, animals and plants has been incorrectly described and popularized in books and oral traditions for hundreds years. That is what people expect the aura to look like and why they fail to recognize the “real aura” when it appears.

In most instances, the real aura consists of very delicate layers of colored lights that come and go over various parts of the body, one section at a time, and seem to appear and disappear, pulsing several times per minute, turning on and off. The “turning on and off” effect is caused by the aura’s own intrinsic rhythm. It is not tied to the heart beat, respiration rate or any other physical motility.

Stay tuned for debunking tip #3 coming up tomorrow!

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