Learning To See Auras – Debunking Myth #3

Myth #3: Only psychics and spiritually gifted persons can see auras. Absolutely not true. Everyone is
born with the ability to see auras. Even the blind.  Seeing auras is a natural human ability that has been around ever since we became human. Remember, the eye is just one our sensory organs. We really “see” with our minds.

“The human mind is capable of processing 400 billion bits of information per second BUT is ONLY aware of 2000 of those.” Dr. Joseph Dispenza D.C.

The bits of information that the mind selects to bring up to awareness is based on what we already know and accept as “reality.” Viewing auras is not a practice generally accepted and recognized in Western society. Most children are not supported and encouraged to see auras, just the opposite. Even today, many parents and teachers discourage children who appear to have special psychic abilities from developing those gifts.

Children want to be loved and accepted by their families and peers. This often means fitting the mold that society has designed for them.  In the process, many children subconsciously turn off certain abilities that would make them different from others; however, these abilities, including the ability to see auras are never lost and can be re-awakened!

As the child or adult begins to understand what the aura is and how to view it, their knowledge and awareness of reality expands and the mind is able to bring more information to the surface including the awareness of the beautiful glowing lights that make up the aura.

Stay tuned for more aura viewing tips coming up on Monday!

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