Can Reiki Protect You from Getting Covid-19?

Can Reiki protect you from getting Covid-19? Although there are no guarantees in Reiki, or in life for that matter, Reiki can be a powerful friend when it comes to boosting your immune system to fight viruses and other infections. Reiki works with the body’s natural healing ability. It balances and harmonizes all functions. It works to help heal the body, restores peace of mind, and brings harmony to the spirit … all of which are directly connected to making your immune system strong and protective.

Here Are Some Reiki Tips To Help Protect You From Covid -19

  • Practice Reiki self-treatment daily. One of the best features of Reiki is that you can give yourself effective treatments. Although a 1-hour daily treatment is recommended, you can break the hour into smaller chunks of time and work on yourself whenever you have time during the day or night.

    What if you haven’t practiced in a long time? No worries, as soon as you start practicing again the Reiki energy will begin to flow. Don’t be concerned if you don’t feel the flow at first. Feeling the energy flow is a learned perception and the feeling will return after a while. Remember, you are effective whether you feel the energy flow or not.

    Below is a video from our new Reiki 1 Online Training that you can watch if you need to review the Reiki self-treatment technique.
  • Meditate regularly. Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety (which can run pretty high for many folks at this time), promotes emotional health, strengthens the immune system, and much more … here’s one of my favorite meditations said by John Harvey Gray. It’s the Chakra Balancing Meditation. What makes this meditation a favorite with our students is that it’s short yet very effective for balancing the chakras.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

  • Eat healthy foods. Choose fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and healthy sources of protein such as fertile eggs, fish, and lean meats. Healthy foods help support a strong immune response. Take a look here for some ideas.
  • Spend more time out in nature. Take advantage of the warm weather and spend more time outside. Being out in nature helps reduce high blood pressure, fear, anxiety, and stress. Reducing these will help strengthen your immune system. Here are some tips for staying safe outdoors.
  • Join our Global Covid-19 Reiki Healing Circle Facebook Group. The purpose of the group is to bring Reiki practitioners from all lineages together to give distance/absent Reiki treatments to those affected by Covid-19. You can also submit the names of anyone you know who needs assistance. All sessions are given on a voluntary basis. As far as giving the treatments, you provide the treatments on your own when you have the time. There’s no obligation.
  • Don’t let your guard down just because it’s warm outside. The virus spreads in warm weather as well as cold. Follow CDC guidelines and take all necessary safety precautions.
  • Take a Reiki class with us “Live” via Zoom or Online and continue learning. This is the perfect time to continue learning and empowering yourself with new knowledge and skills. Imagine how nice it would feel to be more intuitive and confident in working with Reiki and healing crystals. Our Reiki Crystal Healing Certification will help you reach this goal. Discover your past lives and gain clarity and direction on your present life’s path in our Past Lives Regression Workshop. Take your Reiki training to the next level. We are now offering Reiki classes online and via Zoom. Take a look at our summer schedule and sign up NOW to take a class and save.

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