Clearing Negative Energy During a Reiki Treatment

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from one of our advanced Reiki students. Because her story and subsequent question present a very serious matter of concern, I wish to share contents of her e-mail with you.

She related, “as I finish Reiki treatments and have my hands on the client’s feet, I can feel energy pouring out … as if there is a lot of something being purged.” She then went on to tell of an incident that occurred during a Reiki share. While finishing the treatment, she told others working with her that she could feel this energy. They told her to “pull it out and shake the energy off” her hands. A Reiki Master in the group then “zapped” the negative energy in order to get rid of it! Worried that this may not be the best way to clear the negative energy, she contacted me.

I cannot stress the importance of this answer more. I must share with you what I have learned from my late husband John Harvey Gray about clearing negative energy during Reiki treatments:

1.) Feeling negative energy during a Reiki treatment is common. It is simply stagnant energy. Some Reiki Practitioners perceive the stagnant energy as “negative energy” but it is really just energy that has grown stagnant because of congestion in the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is called “Chi Stagnation.”

By giving a complete Reiki treatment, i.e.,  using the three patterns as taught in Reiki I, the body can more easily balance and harmonize its functions and resolve the stagnant or negative energy without the need to actively clear the negative energy away.

2.) Never throw away anyone’s energy! If you were to do so, you would be throwing  away their general physical vitality. The body has a perfectly good system for recycling stagnant energy. Instead, smooth the aura over the body from head to toe as part of closing the Reiki session. We teach the smoothing technique in our Reiki I workshop. It stimulates the body’s natural energy flow, recycling stagnant and irritating energy. Throwing away or “zapping” a person’s negative energy is the equivalent of the ancient practice of bloodletting. The sick were often bled to death by doctors trying to remove “bad blood.”

3.) Reiki is a practice in unconditional love. We, as Reiki practitioners, are not the healers. We are just the channels for the energy. Reiki and the body receiving the energy are the real healers. Learn how not to take credit for the outcome of the treatment. The client may get better or worse. Perhaps, nothing will change. You, as a Reiki practitioner, are not responsible for the outcome. If the energy is purging, then let it purge. Learn to let go of the results.

4.) Become a clear Reiki channel, a true conduit for the Reiki energy. Again, trust that the client’s body and the Reiki energy are the true healers. It is all right if you feel the negative energy purging. Get your will and emotions out of the way and let the energy flow. To put it simply, be mindful and observe. Be present and witness what is taking place. Be unconditional and unattached to any particular outcome.

As you practice being mindfully unconditional, you will gradually become a clear channel for the Reiki energy. This is a simple concept, but by no means easy to accomplish. I call a practitioner who has reached this stage in his or her practice, a “clear conduit.” It means that you, the channel, are so clear, so transparent, that the healing energy passes through you into the one receiving the treatment in its most pristine form. There is absolutely no ego involved. Only then, will the flow become boundless. This is when miracles happen.

Remember, originally, Reiki was a spiritual practice to help those seeking enlightenment. Its healing qualities are an additional blessing. As you become a clear channel, Reiki becomes your ever-present partner, not just in your healing work, but also on your spiritual path, guiding and protecting you.

6 thoughts on “Clearing Negative Energy During a Reiki Treatment”

  1. Great article to dispel concern people may have in regards to energy healing. As always, I appreciate your work and dedication to educate others about Reiki.

  2. Thank you Lourdes for the article. It is a clear explanation of what happens with stagnant energy. I always wondered why some Reiki practitioners will smooth the aura and then shake their hands.
    I was once in a share where the room was small, we had two tables and three practitioners working on each table, one of the practitioners began to sweep the body of the person receiving Reiki and then shake his hands on the side. The room became hot and one of the other practitioners felt light headed and like fainting. She had to leave the room. Somebody explained that it was the energy being thrown away that filled the room because the door was closed. What do you think about this?

  3. Thank you so much for this article. Stagnant energy is so important to address and well as practicing to be a true conduit in allowing Reiki to process the healing path.

  4. Hi Nayda, thanks for writing. It’s never a good idea to throw anyone’s energy away. The aura (the bio-field of the body) is a container for the person’s energy or Qi. Think of it as a mirror image, containing everything present in the physical body. Sometimes, the energy or Qi in the aura becomes stagnant. This can happen for many different reasons. The key is to promote circulation. A full body Reiki treatment promotes the circulation of Qi. The full body Reiki treatment distributes the energy to where it is needed. Then, at the end of the Reiki session, the flow of Qi is further stimulated by smoothing the aura from head to toe 3 to 5 times. Energy is never thrown away. This would be the energetic equivalent to the ancient art of blood letting and would lower the person’s vitality level.


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