Reiki 1 Online Training

Reiki 1 Online Training

Reiki 1 Online Training and Mentorship

This is not just another “online reiki class.” This course is unique in that it is a one-on-one mentorship with Lourdes Gray. No other online Reiki training offers one-on-one mentorships! Lourdes will personally guide you as you learn authentic Usui Reiki 1 aka Reiki First Degree Skills. She will offer you feedback and answer your questions anytime you have them. Lourdes will work one-on-one with you during your 1-hour “live” Zoom tutorial. After you complete the course, Lourdes will continue to be available to you on an ongoing basis to answer your questions by email or phone.  You’ll have lifetime access to the course material. You’ll be able to join our Reiki 1 Graduates Private Facebook Group where you will meet other graduates. Post questions and enjoy additional demonstrations by Lourdes on Reiki and related subjects.
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What is Included in the Reiki 1 Online Training

This Reiki 1 Online Training contains exactly the same material as our “Highly Acclaimed Reiki 1 Class.” Detailed step-by-step video instruction will make you feel as if you are at our “live” class. You’ll be able to practice the exercises right along with the “live” students. Then, send the recording of your practice to Lourdes for review and feedback. The course also includes “Animal Reiki” certification. Learn to administer Reiki to your pets and receive individualized instruction on how from Lourdes.
You’ll enjoy your 1-hour one-on-one Zoom tutorial with Lourdes where she will personally work with you to answer your questions, and provide additional demos and guidance.
Lourdes will personally administer your attunements so that you know they are valid. Take your time and learn at your own pace. You have 1 year to complete the course. Then, you’ll have lifetime access to the material. You’ll be able to come back and review anything you need to brush up on. Ongoing support via phone or email and Private Facebook Group is also included.

Course Instructor

Lourdes Lourdes Instructor

A charismatic and highly experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes Gray received her entire Reiki Training from her late-husband John Harvey Gray. Lourdes has taught over 1,500 Usui Reiki classes and trained more than 15,000 Reiki students alone or with John Harvey Gray over the last 23 years. This includes numerous doctors, nurses, massage therapists, bodyworkers as well as the general public. Together, John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray wrote their best selling book Hand To Hand, a favorite among Reiki enthusiasts worldwide.

Reiki 1 Online Training Access

SALE $150.00 $99.00
1 year of access
sale ends June 30, 2020

The course is available Now. 


The Reiki Attunement Process

Scanning-Part 1

Reiki 1st Pattern

Reiki Self-treatment

Scanning-Part 2

Reiki 2nd Pattern

Emotionality In The Chakras

Reiki 3rd Pattern

Guided Practice of a Complete Reiki Session Including All Scanning Techniques

Giving Reiki To Someone Sitting in a Chair

Treating Emergency Situations, Pre-op and Post-Op With Reiki

Giving Reiki To Pets

The Reiki Intake, Healing Reactions and Ethics

History of Reiki

Miscellaneous Reiki Topics

Course Conclusion

7 thoughts on “Reiki 1 Online Training”

  1. Hello,
    I’m very interested in taking the first step in your course. I am unable to take the 2 day in-person course because I work weekends during the evening. The online course seems ideal, but it says it’s “under construction”, can I purchase this course or shall I wait until your website is updated?

    thank you,
    Asenath Semaia

  2. Hello Asenath,

    Thanks for writing. The Online Reiki 1 Training is under construction but you can purchase the course now at the discount price. The course will be ready on or before mid-May. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



  3. Hello,
    This is very exciting. Will you be offering a Reiki Level 11 Online course? I hope so!
    Thank you,

  4. I was wary about taking an online Reiki course, but after completing the Reiki I online training with Lourdes, I am completely blown away. The knowledge and support she provided was second to none. I highly recommend this course and look forward to continuing my Reiki journey through the John Harvey Gray Center.

  5. Bobbi-Jo Perry

    I was looking for the right teacher at the right time and The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing with Lourdes presented to me and I am beyond grateful and thankful for this opportunity! The online sessions are wonderfully and thoughtfully put together with the instruction videos! Homework assignments are easily emailed to Lourdes for review and feedback and she is so attentive! You will not be disappointed with the knowledge shared for the teachings here. Feeling Blessed –

  6. Tanya Spencer

    What an amazing course that imparts such a wealth of knowledge! I had no idea how a Reiki 1 class would work in an online environment, but Lourdes is such a kind, experienced and passionate teacher that I felt like I was right there with her. In fact, when we had the phone call and the later Zoom meeting, I felt like we were already friends. I absolutely loved this course and will be taking the online Reiki 2 class as well. Thank you, Lourdes, for offering this wonderful course online for those of us who are too far away to be there in person.

  7. I completed my Reiki1 online and it was an amazing experience . Lourdes is very helpful and knowledgeable . She responded very quickly to any questions I had. I appreciated her thoroughness on the videos presented . I highly recommend this class who genuinely wants to learn about reiki. I researched many classes online and this class was the only one that felt legitimate. I connected right away to this class and am very grateful to have experienced it. I look forward to my reiki 2 class and working with Lourdes again. Thank you Lourdes!

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