Reiki 2 Course Live In-Person or Via Zoom

Learn Authentic Usui Reiki — Reiki 2 Training and Certification
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Where: We offer this course as either on-site/in-person, or as “Live” via Zoom class. We also have an excellent self-paced version of this class online. Please see class schedule for details.

This highly acclaimed Reiki 2 Class (Reiki 2nd Degree) is for anyone wanting to learn the original Usui Reiki System, thoroughly and completely, and as further expanded by John Harvey Gray. This course is offered both on site/in-person or “Live” via Zoom Teleconferencing. Please see the schedule page for other dates and registration options. Registration details including location and directions to the venue are provided after registration.

Reiki was introduced to the United States by Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman in the 1930s. John Harvey Gray received his entire Reiki training through Hawayo Takata. John Harvey Gray taught Reiki for longer than any other Reiki teacher in the United States before his passing in 2011. John was responsible for introducing and establishing Reiki in the New England region.

Lourdes Gray
Hand To Hand Book

Your Reiki instructor Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes Gray, is the Director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Lourdes received her entire Reiki Training from her late-husband John Harvey Gray. In 2008 John Harvey Gray designated Lourdes Gray as his lineage bearer.
Lourdes has taught over 3,000 Reiki classes and trained more than 20,000 Reiki students alone or with John Harvey Gray over the last 29 years. This includes numerous doctors, nurses, massage therapists, bodyworkers as well as the general public.

Together, John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray wrote their best-selling book Hand To Hand, a favorite among Reiki enthusiasts worldwide.

This video was recorded at the beginning of one of our Reiki II Trainings. In the video we cover the training agenda for the class and present a review of how to deliver a  full Reiki session.

“Lourdes is a wonderful story teller in addition to being a very effective teacher. I loved the way she introduced each concept with an overview of the information she was going to give us. Amazing teacher, very patient, good humored, skilled teacher.” Heather Neff, M.D. Family Practice, Portsmouth, NH

In this Reiki 2 Class…

(Reiki Second Degree) You will raise your spiritual awareness and increase your Reiki energy channeling abilities. You will receive two powerful Reiki Second Degree Attunements and learn the sacred Reiki Second Degree techniques and symbols for the expansion of the Reiki healing energy. With two full days of authentic John Harvey Gray Reiki Training and “no cut corners” you will become a more powerful and skilled Reiki healer immediately.

What You Will Learn In This Reiki 2 Class:

A Brief Review and Practice of the Reiki 1 Class Techniques

Lourdes Gray Demonstrates Reiki techniques
  • After the review and practice, you will learn the three Reiki symbols known as the “Sacred Keys” of Reiki. The Reiki symbols unlock and activate the higher Reiki energies. You will learn what each sacred Reiki symbol represents, how it works, and practice using the symbols and techniques.

The First Sacred Reiki Key (Symbol)

  • With the First Sacred Reiki Key, you will be able to raise your Reiki healing power from 20% (normal for a Reiki Level I Practitioner) up to 100%… same level as a Reiki Master.
  • You will learn how to activate the first Reiki symbol in each of the Reiki treatment patterns (yes, it does makes a difference).
  • You will also learn a variation of the first Reiki symbol that very few Reiki practitioners know. It is NOT in any of the Reiki books. This variation was taught to John Harvey Gray by Hawayo Takata. It is very powerful and gives you great flexibility when treating large areas of the body more quickly.

The Second Sacred Reiki Key (Symbol)

Chakras and reiki energy flow
  • Opens a communication pathway with the body that allows you to bring mental, emotional and spiritual healing to any condition or situation.
  • Use of this symbol (and 7 powerful techniques) will raise your Reiki healing ability to the next level!
  • You’ll be able to immediately use these powerful techniques on yourself as well as on other people and animals.
  • Learn how to use this symbol on a wide range of conditions, e.g., emergency situations, chronic conditions of all types, depression, anxiety, weight loss, quitting smoking, insomnia, low self-worth, financial security, finding the right romantic relationship and much more.

John Harvey Gray used to say to students, “If you are not using the Second Reiki Key properly, then you are missing out on 50% of what Reiki can do for you!”

The Third Sacred Reiki Key (Symbol)

reiki distance healing
  • Using this key, you will be able to give Reiki to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • There is no such thing as time and space when it comes to Reiki. You will learn how to properly activate this key and energetically connect with the person or animal you are treating. It will feel as if they were directly under your hands!
  • You will feel the Reiki energy as it flows into their body! If the person is sensitive he or she will feel the Reiki energy too!
  • When properly practiced, Reiki absent treatments allow you to use all of the techniques that are available for Reiki hands-on treatments.
  • What is more, Reiki absent treatments are just as effective as Reiki hands-on treatments, when administered correctly. By properly learning and using this technique, you will be able to help friends and family, no matter how far away they may live!

You will learn the Opening and Closing Spirals.

Opening and closing spiral
  • The Opening Spiral prepares the chakras (energy centers) for receiving the Reiki energy,
    allowing them to more fully absorb the healing energy.
  • The Closing Spiral seals the transmitted Reiki energy within the recipient’s chakras in order to make the healing effects of the Reiki session last MUCH longer!
  • Animal Reiki Level 2 Certification is included in this class
  • How to do a Reiki intake.

“When I first began to incorporate the Opening and Closing Spiral Technique into my Reiki sessions, my success rate increased dramatically! We want to pass this knowledge on to you…” — John Harvey Gray

reiki 2 students
  • What are the most important questions you should ALWAYS ask your client before starting the Reiki session?
  • What is the best (and easiest) way to explain Reiki to someone who is unfamiliar with energy healing?
  • What was John Harvey Gray’s formula for building a thriving Reiki healing practice?
  • These questions plus much more will be answered in the interviewing portion of the class.
  • You will also have the opportunity to role-play being Reiki practitioner and client … practicing all of the new techniques you learned!

By end of the Reiki 2 class you will be a substantially more powerful Reiki Channel.

COMPLEMENTARY ongoing e-mail, phone, and, private Facebook Group support for our Reiki 2 Graduates

First-year’s complimentary access to our Reiki 2 Graduates Resource Page, a learning resource for our students and graduates in order to provide additional learning opportunities, insights, and support that will enhance our students learning experience.

We believe that receiving ongoing support after the class is over is important to your continuing development as a Reiki healer. We understand that you will have questions. We promise you that you will receive ongoing e-mail and phone support FREE of charge for as long as you need it.

Two powerful Reiki level 2 attunements will boost your channeling power up to 100% (same level as a Reiki Master).

In-Person Two Day Classes: Our Unique Advantage

Our “in-person” Reiki 2 Certification is offered as a two-day class. You will have plenty of time for supervised hands-on practice, and will receive lots of individual attention — our typical student-teacher ratio is approximately 4:1.

teacher-guided reiki practice

“The weekend trainings are in depth and very hands on. I left Reiki level I and Reiki level II feeling very confident in my training. I would highly recommend taking a class from Lourdes, and I look forward to getting back to Jaffrey for continued learning, both in the practice of Reiki and also in support and practice of the other classes offered. Very nice environment for learning.” — Rebecca Fontaine, Brattleboro, VT

In this Reiki 2 Class will also:

  • Learn how to be more intuitive while working with clients.
  • Review the emotional and spiritual relationships of the chakras.
  • Review and practice scanning energy fields and chakras
  • Review and practice the Reiki treatment patterns.
  • Learn the opening and closing spirals — which prepare the client’s chakras (energy centers) for the Reiki energies and help retain those energies for the healing process.
  • Receive Reiki Second Degree attunements, which open you to the additional energies needed for second-degree Reiki work.
  • Learn all aspects of the second-degree program through direct hands-on experience and no cut corners.

Our goal is to empower YOU to become the best Reiki practitioner you can be. To be knowledgeable and confident when using these powerful techniques. We, at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing, always strive to maintain the highest standards in Reiki education with no cut corners. in a new tab)