RMT Reiki 2 Class

Welcome to RMT Reiki 2 Class! You’ve worked hard to get here and I’m very pleased with the progress you have made in your journey to become a Reiki Master Teacher in the John Harvey Gray Reiki Lineage. Remember, Reiki Level 2 is a pivotal class for most students. The training you’ll provide your future students in Reiki Level 2 will be a very important step in their journeys as it introduces them to the sacred symbols and their uses, deepens their understanding of energy healing, and prepares them for working at a distance.
Throughout this course, we will explore how to present these concepts to your future students in greater detail and provide them with practical exercises to help integrate them into their practice.
One of the main focuses of Reiki Level 2 is learning how to use the three sacred symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. These powerful symbols allow us to tap into specific energies and enhance our healing abilities. You will teach your future students their meanings, how to draw them correctly, and when to use each one during a session. The same applies to the opening and closing spirals, the Sei He Ki channel, ethics, how to conduct a Reiki intake, how to set up a professional Reiki practice, and how to work absentee/at a distance as well as all the other subjects covered in this level.
As a Reiki Master Teacher, part of your responsibility is passing on this knowledge correctly to future practitioners. Remember that being a Reiki Master Teacher is not just about having more advanced techniques or knowledge – it’s about embodying the principles of love, compassion, gratitude, integrity, responsibility, and respect in everything that we do. I look forward to working with each one of you individually in this class. Again, welcome to RMT Reiki 2 Class!


Day One Overview

Reiki Level 1 Review

The 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols

Activating the 1st and 2nd Sacred Symbols In a Reiki Session

The Opening And Closing Spirals

2nd Degree Attunement

Day Two

Using The 2nd Symbol as a Mental/Emotional Communications Channel

Reiki Ethics

Creating A Successful Reiki Practice

The Reiki Intake

Complete Reiki Level 2 Session

The 3rd Sacred Reiki Symbol Distance/Absent Reiki Healing 

Course Conclusion