Miracles Happen Every Day with Reiki!

Miracles happen every day with Reiki!

First, let me tell you a story that happened to me today while I was gardening. I needed to extract some very strongly entrenched weeds, weeds the size of bushes, from my front flower bed. I began by using our long handled shovel to dig in up under the thick root system to pull these weeds out whole. I planted the shovel and jumped up on the shovel’s shoulders. To my bewilderment, I immediately was repelled and went flying off the shovel and landed on my back onto the cement. I was dazed. Quickly looking around at my neighbors house, I thought, I hope no one saw me. Shaken up more than a little bit, I said, got to give myself Reiki, And I got to do it now! Got to treat my wrists, which were hurting, my back, oh, heck, my whole body.

So, pronto, I began an absent treatment as I stood under my carport. I repaired my astral matrices, and got what I call the “carte blanche” to open the M/E channel for the entire treatment. Yes! Of Course! I made sure to release the adrenals. Closed the session in our usual way.

Now to get back to the gardening. Everything was going great. I was just at the very end of the weeding of the flower bed in our front yard.I felt the bite of an insect. I took my glove off, removed my glasses and rubbed the bug out of my eyelid. I looked at it. By now, I had squished it so I couldn’t make out what it was. It was a tiny, black biting bug of some sort. Now my eyelid was stinging. It bit me in the lower eyelid and nearest my left tear-duct. The immediate thought was. Do I have benadryl? My answer was, NO! Oh no, I have the spray though I thought. Can’t put that near my eye. Well, let’s just finish up, dispose of the trimmings and get in and clean up.

So, I did all that and thought, now, I must give myself some Reiki to the eye. I know the Reiki will stop my eye from swelling. You know how those bug bites get swollen. And the eyelid, soft tissue will certainly swell if I don’t give myself emergency Reiki. So, I got two Rhodonite crystals for which I would be placing on my eye during the treatment. I began giving my self hands on Reiki to my left eye. Then, I did the ankles together, ankles apart technique, to keep the Reiki flowing while I used my hands to call myself in for an absent treatment. In the absent form, I used CKR to laser pinpoint the energy from my fingertips directly on the area of the bite. Then again for that I did the ankles together, ankles apart to keep that also going while I continued to give myself and entire absent treatment. Finished up the treatment by releasing the adrenals and closing in the usual manner (as taught by Lourdes). Made sure to release my ankles as well for both areas which I used the technique on.

Happy to say, it has been two hours since the bite occurred. My eyelid is normal size. And my eyelid does not sting. And, I just gave myself a refresher course in many of the Reiki techniques which Lourdes taught us. Win, win situation as I see it.

Have a great day!


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