Hawayo Takata Holiday Letter

The Hawayo Takata Letter

Hawayo Takata

Takata wrote the following Christmas holiday letter to friends and colleagues in 1977, acknowledging that she was passing on the Reiki tradition:

“Seasons Greetings for a Happy Prosperous 1977. I wish to thank you all for the many kindnesses given me, with gifts, bouquets, invitations to your lovely homes to share the feasts you so kindly prepared with Love and Reiki Hands.It is with gratitude and Aloha to you all that I write this letter to say “Thank You,” to let you know that the time has come for me to retire this year. I have gained many friends and students during my Reiki Tours these past years. They were a great joy, inspiring receiving knowledge and Wisdom.

I have created three Reiki Masters to carry on this noble work. They are trusting, capable, kind, and with humility serve God and mankind. They are: Master John Gray, California; Master Virginia Samdahl, Illinois; Master Ethel Lombardi, Illinois.

I remain, most gratefully yours,
Rev. Hawayo Takata”

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