Secrets of the Knee Sub-chakra

Alas! The knee sub-chakra … you won’t find volumes dedicated to this minor chakra but for those who take the time to learn to read it, many secrets are revealed. The energy of the knee sub-chakra is related to the hemispheres of the brain. The knee sub-chakra does not have a major effect on the physical body. By learning how to read the knee sub-chakra you can become more effective in helping others as you discover how they process information. The knee sub-chakras tells us which side of the brain is dominant for that person.

The left and the right hemispheres of the brain process information in different ways. The right side of the brain helps us with the intuitive, feminine, yin, creative, non-verbal  information. The left hemisphere is focused on the verbal, analytical, linear, yang, masculine processing. Although we use both sides of the brain to process information as a whole, usually one side is a little bit stronger than the other. The knee sub-chakra can show us which side of the brain is dominant.

Note: Remember, the hemispheres of the brain cross to control the opposite side of the body. When you are scanning the “right” knee you are actually assessing the “left” side of the brain. When scanning the “left” knee you are assessing the “right” side.

How To Scan The Knee Sub-chakras

To find the knee sub-chakra, locate the knee cap (patella), cover it with your hand, then raise your hand 4-5 inches directly above it and move your hand in a circular direction for about 10 seconds …  you will feel a concentration of energy there. It could feel like heat, tingling or pressure. You are feeling the knee sub-chakra.

Now, repeat the same process with the other knee and compare the “feeling” from one knee to the other. Now, notice if one knee’s energy is stronger than the other. The stronger knee sub-chakra indicates which side of the brain is dominant. If both knee sub-chakras feel equally strong, then you can suspect both sides of the brain are in balance, which by the way, is ideal.

Something you’ll want to keep in mind is that the knee sub-chakra is smaller than the 7 principal chakras, that is smaller than the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower abdominal and root. Principal chakras are approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The sub-chakras are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter, but at the same time, they are very easy to locate and identify.

The Knee Sub-Chakra and Reiki

Always remember to give Reiki to the knees as part of a complete Reiki session. We usually treat the knees while in the 3rd Reiki pattern (back of the torso) as this helps to ground the energy that has been delivered and prepare the client for completing the Reiki session. If the client has serious leg or knee problems, spend more time over the knee sub-chakras. You can also sandwich each knee between your hands, and treat one a time. This will increase the flow of energy at the knees. By treating the knees you are activating the power of both hemispheres of the brain. You helping both sides of the brain to work synchronistically. This will help you with the ability to retain knowledge better and become more proficient in many ways … including but not limited to your intuition, creativity, art, and music.

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