Our New Website Is Here!

We are very proud to announce the launching of our website! A true labor of love that lasted for many months, our dream site is now a reality.  With our integrated calendar and class registration process, you can now view details for each event in our calendar and choose your registration option right there! Pay in full, or just a deposit … your choice will be added to your cart where you can also add other products like our book or CD. https://learnreiki.org/classes/

Visit our online store where you will be able to order from a wide selection of Reiki products including books, CDs, gift certificates, Reiki distance treatments, as well as healing crystals and jewelry.https://learnreiki.org/reiki-products/

Our blog will continue to provide you with lots of information on Reiki and great tips on how to practice Reiki. https://learnreiki.org/reiki-blog/

We’ll soon be adding more videos and audio resources. https://learnreiki.org/reiki-videos/

We’re looking forward to your visit! learnreiki.org

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