The Human Aura

My Path To Reading The Human Aura

I first became interested in learning to see and read the human aura after completingmy Reiki I training with John Harvey Gray.  One day, while giving a Reiki treatment to a woman, I suddenly saw a bright emerald light glowing around her body.  The light continued to glow for the rest of the session.  It was such a powerful experience for me, that immediately afterwards, I called John and told him about it.  John listened attentively, and said that I must have seen that woman’s aura.  What I had seen visually was the same as the general physical vitality that I had felt kinesthetically during the scanning process prior to starting the client’s Reiki session.

What I had seen, and that which I had felt, are one and the same.  John said that the aura is are actually perceived by the mind; the perceptions come in through the senses, either visually, kinesthetically, or both.  What’s more, John continued, auras are also perceived and interpreted spiritually by the mind with the help of the Third Eye chakra.

I thought about John’s words and meditated on them. Over the next several days, memories from my childhood began to emerge.  I remembered having the ability to see auras as a little girl.  As a child growing up in Cuba, my favorite time of day was just before dusk.  I loved being in the garden at dusk.  As the light of day dimmed, I could see multi-colored lights around the tropical flowers, plants, trees … even animals. It was a magical time for me.  Of course, at that age, I did not know that what I was seeing in the garden were the auras of living things.  Later, after coming to the United States, I got busy at once learning about my new country and forgot about my childhood abilities.  Now, through Reiki, I had found them again.  What a joyful feeling!  I was suddenly hungry to read anything written about auras.  I started practicing viewing them every chance I could.  Soon, I had regained my previous skills.

As I continued to study the human aura over the next several years, I learned that the perception of auras is a natural human ability, not one that requires years of intensive spiritual study to develop.  Even though some persons believe that the ability to perceive auras is a spiritual gift granted only to a few lucky individuals, thousands of ordinary people have learned to perceive auras after having only one short lesson.

Aura Research

Australia’s leading authority on the human aura, author Judith Collins, explains that everyone is born with the ability to see auras, and infants and toddlers can see them easily.  Collins claims that although seeing auras is a form of psychic ability everyone is born with, most people repress this ability as they grow older.  She believes that the growth and development of children’s psychic abilities become stunted when adults fail to give children the needed encouragement and support in their intuitive pursuits.

Even when the mind represses the ability to perceive auras, most people are able to regain it.

Learning to see and read the human aura is a learnable skill.  Both Collins, and Englishman Walter Kilner, who practiced medicine in the early 1900s, have taught hundreds of people to see auras.  Dolores Krieger, co-founder of Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki Master, John Harvey Gray, have taught thousands of people to perceive auras kinesthetically.  In  2004, I created a one-day course called “Learn to See Auras” and began to hold aura classes at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.  The course includes research from my Parapsychology Ph.D. thesis.

Keep in mind that spiritual development enhances a person’s ability to perceive the human aura by allowing them to have a greater awareness of its subtleties.  The quality of aura interpretation is relative to the observer’s degree of spiritual awareness.  The development of the Brow chakra, also known as the Third Eye chakra, is a crucial part of this process.

Many aura readers do not engage in advanced spiritual practices, nor are they involved in metaphysics or the occult.  For instance, Kilner, who taught himself and others to see auras, had no special psychic abilities or metaphysical training, yet he accurately diagnosed hundreds of patients based on aura readings alone.  At first, he worked with color filters to enhance the eye’s ability to see auras.  Later, he found using the filters to be no longer necessary.  Kilner meticulously documented cases of dozens of patients whose signs of health problems were indicated in their auras.  Kilner wrote two books on the subject of perception of auras:  The Human Atmosphere in 1911, and The Human Aura in 1920.  Details contained in both of the books have made a significant contribution to understanding how the human eye is able to detect auras.

The physiology of the human eye plays an important role in the viewing of auras.  Some of today’s most effective aura teachers have used this knowledge to teach students to see auras. Once you know what to look for auras are very easy to see.

How The Human Aura Appears

The human aura appears as fluctuations of light around an individual.  In other words, light refracts or bends as it moves from the air and through the body’s energy field, or aura, causing white light to break into its individual components and creating the rainbow effect.  This is what makes the human aura visible under certain conditions.  The fluctuations caused by the bending of light cannot be distinguished by using regular vision alone.  Instead, they can only be observed by utilizing both regular and peripheral vision simultaneously, while the person being observed is in an environment suitable for observation.

Most people can learn to see the human aura by following these four steps:

  1. Understanding how the human eye sees color and light.
  2. Understanding what makes the aura visible.
  3. Setting up exercises where all the criteria needed for observing auras exist.
  4. Practicing techniques to help relax the vision while observing the aura.

The aura is not always visible.  People subconsciously retract their auras when they feel inhibited, or are unreceptive, or afraid.  (I always know which of the students are paying attention in class by looking at their auras.)  The aura is most visible when the person being observed is at ease and emotionally open.

In addition, the aura is rarely seen as an envelope surrounding the entire body of the person or other living thing being observed.  Most of the time, the aura presents itself in small sections that both appear and disappear in a rhythm of their own.  The fact that the aura often appears in several sections and not in one piece, contradicts popular belief and often confuses novice aura viewers.
Reading auras visually is easy and learning to read  auras through the sense of touch is even easier to learn.  Energy healers such as Dolores Krieger and John Harvey Gray have taught thousands of students to perceive auras through the sense of touch.

Learning to perceive auras through the sense of touch involves feeling the aura with the hands and fingertips.  This is easy to learn because the hands and fingertips, rich in sensory nerves, are capable of transmitting an abundance of information about the aura to the brain.

Visual and kinesthetic aura reading methods are incomplete on their own.  Visual methods are fascinating, but due to the limitations of human sight, do not represent the entire aura.  Human eyes can only see the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e., from red, at 770 nm to blue at 380 nm.

The aura contains a much wider range of frequencies, from infrared 2000 nm to near ultraviolet 300 nm.  Tactile methods are more thorough, but lack the excitement provided by the visual method. To truly see and read auras, one must combine both and ultimately learn to develop his or her own spiritual sight.  Once a person develops their spiritual sight, he or she is able to observe and interpret auras under any situation or condition.

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