Preparing for Surgery: Best 6 Reiki Tips for a Successful Surgery

Reiki for Surgery

The prospect of undergoing surgery can be intimidating, both mentally and physically. Whether it is for our own health or the well-being of our furry companions, the idea of undergoing a surgical procedure can evoke feelings of apprehension and worry.
Thankfully, Reiki has been shown to effectively alleviate these negative emotions and aid in a smoother and speedier recovery process. In fact, many medical facilities now provide Reiki treatments as part of post-operative care.
Reiki has proven to be an effective tool in aiding the mind and body before, during, and after surgery. Let’s explore how reiki can make a positive impact on your surgical journey with the best 6 Reiki tips for before and after surgery. 

Administering reiki before, during and after surgery can be very helpful to a person or pet having surgery by preparing their mind and body for the procedure. Reiki helps the body heal faster by alleviating pain, decreasing stress, bringing on the relaxation response, and supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Here’s a list of the 6 best reiki tips to help them prepare and recover, quickly and completely, after surgery.

Tip 1. Preparing for Surgery

Begin providing daily reiki sessions at least one week prior to the surgery. Reiki is most effective when given time to build up and accumulate in the recipient’s body. If possible, administer complete reiki sessions (including all three Reiki patterns – front of the torso, head, neck and shoulders, and back of the torso and feet) to the person or animal receiving surgery every day for at least one week before the procedure.

Tip 2. Length of Time Over Positions

Plan to give 40-60 minute reiki sessions daily. Divide your time between positions so that you spend 5 to 7 minutes on problem areas and 2 to 3 minutes on non-problem areas. If your Reiki sessions are shorter than one hour, use the same formula and divide it by the length of the session. For example, for a 30-minute session, spend 2.5 to 3.5 minutes on problem areas and 1 to 1.5 minutes on non-problem areas. It’s more effective to deliver reiki to the entire body rather than focusing solely on one or two spots.

Tip 3. Work on The Mind/Body During The Reiki Sessions

If you’ve completed Reiki level 2 or above, give the recipient mental/emotional treatments towards having a successful surgery and healing quickly and completely. Start the reiki session with the first pattern on the front of the torso.

In the 2nd pattern (the head area) open the SHK channel (draw CKR, SHK, CKR) and say silently “this is my higher self speaking to your higher self.” Then, visualize the surgery going well and the person or pet recovering completely, as if you were watching a movie. At the end of the second pattern, say silently “amen” or “so be it.” This closes the SHK Channel. Note: It is YOU who does the visualization. The “client” just relaxes and enjoys the treatment. The SHK Channel not only addresses the mental/emotional side of a condition, it is also a communications channel. By using this channel in the manner described here you are helping the mind and body of the person or pet prepare for the surgery. You may use this technique every time you give them a Reiki session.

Then, continue with the rest of the Reiki treatment by moving to the 3rd pattern on the back of the torso. Then, to the back of the knees and to the feet.

Tip 4. Preparing for Surgery – Giving Reiki During Surgery

Preparing for Surgery– Reiki Hands On Treatment

If you are given permission to be present during surgery, give reiki “hands off” the body to the person or pet having surgery. You’ll need to stay out of the way of the surgical team; however, make sure to treat areas where you can reach. Open the SHK Channel in the 2nd pattern (the head) deliver a mental/emotional treatment towards the procedure going well and the person or pet healing quickly.

Preparing for Surgery–Reiki Distance Treatment

If you are not allowed to be physically present during surgery, call the person or pet having surgery in “absentee” and give them a reiki distance  treatment. Also, open the SHK Channel and deliver a mental/emotional treatment visualizing the surgery going well and the person or pet healing quickly. You can also administer a reiki group distance treatment to the entire surgical team to help them be well focused, relaxed, effective and successful with the surgery.

Tip 6. How to Administer Reiki After Surgery Is Finished

After the surgery is over, give Reiki “hands-off” the body directly over the incision site. Do not touch the area directly with your hands for it would be too sensitive. Keep your hands approximately 6 to 12 inches above the incision site, hovering in the air. Treat for as long as possible–one hour or more at a time is usually good. Repeat for the next few days. This will help the body heal faster.

Using Reiki To Release The Memory of The Surgery

At the same time, you’ll want to “release the memory” of the surgery from the body by treating the adrenals  glands. Hawayo Takata taught her students to always release the memory of the injury from the body by treating the adrenal glands. Surgery is considered to be an injury to the body.

To release the memory, place your hands over the adrenal glands (back of the torso-see image on right and also the 3 Pattern Overivew image above, 3rd pattern the top portions of positions 3 and 4. With your hands together form a long pad with an overlap) hold your hands over the adrenals until your hands cool off. This takes about 10 minutes. If you are unable to reach the back of the torso, then treat from the front of the torso but stay longer in order to allow the energy to pass through the body. Releasing the adrenal glands only needs to be done once.

I hope these reiki tips are helpful to you. As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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