Takata Speaks


In this audio recording, Takata Shares 45 Years of Reiki Wisdom With You – currently available as a Cassette Tape.

Takata Speaks – Cassette Tape

1 hour 37 minutes cassette tape

Takata Shares 45 Years of Reiki Wisdom With You

Hawayo Takata (1900-1980) experienced firsthand the healing power of Reiki, when she was cured of her own life-threatening illness in 1935. Immediately she knew that Reiki was her destiny — and that she wanted to bring it to the West from Japan. Despite being both a woman and a foreigner, because of her profound zeal to learn, she became the first Western Reiki Master in 1938. Then followed over 40 years of constant Reiki practice and teaching.

In 1976, Mrs. Takata began training new Reiki Masters to carry on this noble work. This historic series of recordings, Takata Speaks, is taken from those classes. The teaching examples presented here distill four decades of Reiki experience. The power, confidence, and conviction behind her stories is breathtaking and inspiring. Surely they will deepen the appreciation of Reiki for you, and all who listen to her words.

Mrs. Takata’s clarity, humor, charm and refreshing straightforward style emphasizes the simplicity and naturalness of Reiki. Yet, there are mysteries even she cannot explain.