More Takata Speaks!

By Dr. Lourdes Gray

This month we once again have a special treat for you. Back by popular demand, we present to you another special question and answer session by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. In 1975, Mrs. Hawayo Takata, the Japanese-American woman who brought Reiki to the West, presented a number of programs on Reiki at Trinity Metaphysical Center, in Redwood City, CA. Trinity Metaphysical Center was a chapter in the Universal Church of the Master, and also served as the first Reiki center in the United States. Takatateachingclass011_2.jpg John’s former wife, the Reverend Beth Gray, was its pastor, and John Harvey Gray was the Reiki Master in charge of its Reiki Wellness Center.

Takata as she liked to be called, granted John Harvey Gray permission to record these programs on Reiki. At that time, John Harvey Gray was studying with Takata to become a Reiki Master.   (Photo copyright John and Lourdes Gray. All Rights Reserved.)

We have selected a question and answer taken from one of these programs to present to you in this newsletter. The audience consisted of Takata’s former Reiki students who were also members of Trinity Metaphysical Center.

These recordings are owned privately by John and Lourdes Gray. They are not available anywhere else. We are in the process of creating a number of CDs from these lectures, which will be made available for sale to the public. We feel that it is of the highest importance to share this material. The information contained in Takata’s question and answer sessions is fundamental to the theory and practice of Reiki. Takata’s teachings provides us with a strong and solid foundation upon which we can build our knowledge and practice of Reiki. Just as in building a house, a strong foundation is essential to support the structure. In Reiki, Takata’s teaching provides the base, upon which our knowledge and prctice of Reiki can grow, expand, and evolve. Remember, in order to know where we are going, we must understand fully where we have been.

The Reverend Beth Gray, who was also one of the original 22 Reiki Masters, served as moderator for this session.

Beth Gray: “Do you offer help or wait unitl the individual asks for help?”

Takata: “The best thing is let them ask you … ‘Please help me, I need Reiki.’ You know, that is better. I tell you a story. This was on a boat, and it was boat that was going … Where was it? And this was a …”

Beth Gray:  “Takata, they can’t hear you. Hold your microphone up.”

Takata:  “And so I am going to tell you this story. I had so much confidence, confidence [in my ability as a Reiki practitioner]. It was my first trip to Hilo. And then in my room there was a lady that was going home to Hilo. And she said, ‘please get another room because I am so seasick. So seasick. And I will groan and moan the whole night.’ So I told the lady, ‘the boat is still tied to the pier.’

The lady said, ‘even three days ago I was feeling seasick, so I didn’t eat. I’m hungry, but I can’t eat because I throw up.’ So I said, okay, she didn’t ask me to give her [Reiki] treatment, and she didn’t know what I was doing.

So, I said … instead of telling her, ‘let me help you,’ you know. I just took it on my own, because I was so confident that I could relieve that seasickness in no time. See. She didn’t know I could do Reiki, or help her, or anything. But she thought I was just a common person and but to get out of the room, and she wanted to be alone. But there was no room on the boat because it was a pineapple boat and this is when all the school students last day in August, August 30th, they all went home from the pineapple cannery … thit was the last boat.

And then, I just went there, and I said, ‘Oh, seasick. Oh this, I said, ‘I just can help.’ Put my hand right on her. And all the time she was groaning and moaning, ‘Oh! Oh!’ You know. This time she stopped groaning and moaning, she said, ‘Help! Help! Help, Help!’ And she was trying to call the attention of the … steward.

But the stewards, fortunately, were busy laying mattresses on the upper deck, because there not enough beds. See. So they sell the mattresses, all the boys sleep on the mattresses, and it was really cheaper than the state room. And then when she said, ‘Help! Help!’ And I began to realize where my stomach was, no … where my hand was, on her stomach, you see. And I was right on her wallet! That was … my hand was on her wallet.

Oh, my face became so red like a lobster! I could feel my ears burning, burning, you know. Burning! And then I was embarrassed because I did not say, ‘Oh, I think I can help you.’ So, if I had said it to her, ‘I think I can help you, so let me help you.’ Okay, she wouldn’t think I was trying to steal money. But when the hand was on the wallet, she thought, that, because she was helpless, I tried to rob her. So you see, my face became red.

But this is when I  said to myself, ‘I’m not going to draw this hand up. I’m going to stay until she get results, because otherwise, if I took my hand up and ran upstairs, or up on the deck, she’s going to brand me. All her lifetime she will have an imagination saying that. ‘On the way, coming home from Honolulu on the boat, I was so helpless and sick, a woman stuck her hand on my bosom and tried to rob me.’ That would be the story.

So, you know what I did? I said … I held the rim of the bunk and stamped my foot because I wanted her to know I was doing something, but not robbing her, see. And the only way I can have attention is to stamp my feet, see.  So I really stamped hard!

I put down my sole (STAMP) like that, and I said, ‘Reiki if you are up there, come down and do your stuff!’

I really forget at that time that I was a Reiki teacher or I was a Reiki Master, but I was really burning up too, but this hand can be relief!

And you know, in a few … about three minutes, this went graack, graack, graack, graaaaa … the bowel opened up and it went down to the stomach. And then, she was groggy, groogy, and urping … and urping stopped.

Immediately, she looked into my face for the first time. Because, at that time she was against the wall, looking at the wall. She turned her head up and she said, ‘Oh, … my, you just made magic!’ She said, ‘Where’s my headache? Where’s all my dizziness, my nausea? All gone, all gone!’ And I said, ‘I am glad you are well.’

I said, ‘I knew you were suffering so much and I wanted to help you.’ I said, ‘Stay this way, if you are well. I’m going upstairs to see my friends off and say goodbye, and thank them for seeing me off. I will say ‘Goodbye,’ and I will come back and I will feed you dinner.’ And so she said, ‘Thank you.’

And so I went upstairs and I said to the people, ‘Goodbye!’ And then they said, ‘What took you so long?’ You know, I came downstairs to relieve myself of the little presents that they gave me. I wanted to find my state room and put it on my bunk. But then I took a long time with this, see. But … I didn’t have a chance to explain to them, but I said, ‘Oh, that’s alright, I said, ‘Thanks for coming! Thanks for coming!’ They said, ‘Hurry back! Hurry back!’ Don’t stay too long!’ So, I said, Okay! Okay! Thanks for coming!’

And then, I came downstairs and I feed her. Big glass of grapefruit juice, fresh. I got six soda crackers, two sticks of celery and I gave that in her hand and I said ‘Chew the crackers, chew the celery, and when it’s gone … I give you the juice.’ And I say, ‘You’ll never get sick. No sickness.’ And she believed me! She said, ‘I feel so good and I can eat. I know I can eat, because I’m hungry, hungry!’ And then she ate the crackers, celery …with a straw, I fed her the juice. And everything was fine.

So the next morning, I woke up early because I wanted to eat breakfast on the boat because I didn’t know when my lunch was coming. So, she caught me going out. [She said,] ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘to breakfast.’ ‘Wait for me, I’m hungry. I had the best sleep of the night, and this morning, I’m like a new person.’

And I helped her dress. And then she came to the dining room and she ate more than I did. She was very hungry. She had a glass of grapefruit juice, half a papaya, and then she had cereal and she had hotcakes and she also had ham and eggs and cup of coffee. And I didn’t have hot cakes, I didn’t have cereal. You see, that much I might have wanted. but then, I had bacon and eggs and I had toast and half a papaya and a small glass of grapefruit juice … that was my drink.

And the next day, that morning we were off the boat and I went to a place called Kahoa. And I didn’t know that she came from there too, because a couple of days after, I started the class, a lady student came and said, ‘Mrs. Takata, did you on the boat, help somebody?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ And when that was (inaudible word), I told her about the seasickness. And she said, ‘This lady lives only two doors away from you.’

And she said, ‘I’ll go get her, and then you’ll meet her.’ And so, when she came to the door, well laughed, laughed, laughed. Oh, didn’t have no words to say, but we laughed, just looked at each other and laughed about it.

Then she told me, ‘Thank you for helping me, but I am too late for this class.  So I will come to your class, uh … or the next one.  Next week when you have a class … I have signed up already.’  So I said, “Thank you.’  So, she was a student of the next class.  So it was a very happy ending.  But do not touch people without consent or without telling them what you are going to do, because you might have a red face like mine.”


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