Reiki for Group Emergencies

How To Send Distance Reiki for Major Emergency Situations

Whenever major emergencies take place, e.g., hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamies, accidents, or tragic shootings such as the recent one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, you can help with Reiki, even if we do not know the names of the victims using a technique called “Reiki Group Stacking.” This technique was developed by my late husband John Harvey Gray, the longest-practicing Reiki Master in the West. This this article, I will present you with the basic instructions for using this technique in an emergency situation. There is much more that this technique can do. To learn the full use of the “Reiki Group Stacking Technique, please take our Reiki II Advanced Class.


It is more effective to send Reiki to groups rather than just to send Reiki in general. Sending Reiki to an entire group in a single session is called “Reiki Group Stacking.”

1.) Select a group to work on, i.e., the children, the injured, the families, the close friends, etc. You do not need to know their names. Your intention to connect with the group (e.g., those injured in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting) is sufficient.

Next, decide what commonalities the group members share. The more commonalities the group shares, the stronger the Reiki absent treatment will be.

2.) If you are not a Reiki II practitioner or higher, please send prayers. If you are a Reiki II or higher do the following: Raise your hands to your forehead, palms facing out. Focus your thoughts on one of these groups standing in front of you. This will attract the group’s thought-form to your hands. The thought-form will always take the shape of a human, regardless of what or who the group really is. When you feel the energy of the group’s thought-form at your hands, place your hands on the thought-form’s forehead, and say HSZSN 3X. Then, draw the symbol HSZSN on the thought-form’s forehead. Do this only once, followed by a CKR, also once. This will capture the thought-form of the group and keep it there for you to treat.

3.) Now that you have captured the group’s thought-form, you can start the absent treatment. Follow standard Reiki absent treatment procedures. Remember, the families of the dead and injured, as well as close friends of the victims are in shock over what has just happened. Please open the SHK channel in the second Reiki pattern (the head) and give them a mental/emotional treatment during the absent Reiki session. Please give as many treatments as you can!

With Thanks and Prayers,

Lourdes Gray,
Director The John Harvey Gray Center For Reiki Healing

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