Seasonal Allergies Reiki Tips

Seasonal Allergies Can Be Helped with Reiki

treating seasonal allergies with reiikiSeasonal allergies are here. It is Spring again! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the seasonal allergies are out in full force.
You or someone you know is suffering from watery eyes, a runny note, nasal congestion, and sneezing … Yet, never fear, Reiki can be quite effective in reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. Reiki helps to balance and normalize the functions of the immune system that are over-stimulated by exposure to allergens. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to use Reik to help control your seasonal allergy symptoms, but first, let’s talk a little bit about the mental and emotional connections to seasonal allergies.

Mental and Emotional Causes of Allergies

I remember, my husband John Harvey Gray telling me about his Reiki teacher Hawayo Takata always reminding Reiki students to look for the cause of any condition. John would explain, “Takata said ‘Look for the cause and remove it, then you can remove the effects.'” John would continue, Ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time the allergy started. Although not every case is a statistic, there is usually a situation or event that takes place six to 24 months before the onset of a chronic condition. This situation or event can act as the trigger.” It’s a good idea to ask oneself if there were some stressful situations or events taking place around the time the allergy began. The mere act of bringing that information to conscious awareness can release some of the mental and emotional symptoms associated with the seasonal allergy.

For instance, say, a particular situation or event is causing a strong negative emotional state (such as anger, fear, anxiety) in a person’s life, and at the time, the person is exposed to a substance … an allergen, for example pollen, grass, dust, animal dander. The body is already in fight or flight mode because of the situation or event. The immune system is on overdrive trying to protect the person from that situation or event. What can happen in this situation is that the mind can create a subconscious association between the stressful situation or event and the substance. This creates a subconscious assiciation between the stressful situation or event and the substance to which the person was exposed. The immune system classifies the substance as harmful. From that moment forward, even without a stressful situation or event taking place, the mere exposure to the substance is enough to trigger an allergic reaction.

I had a client once that came to receive Reiki and hypnosis sessions. Her allergies to grass and pollen were quite bothersome. She had visited several doctors and was already taking a prescription medicine for the allergies, but the symptoms were still quite pronounced. I asked her if there was anything happening at the time the allergies began. She said that she could not recall anything in particular. I asked her permission to hypnotize her and she gave me permission. Then, I placed her under hypnosis and regressed her to the time when the allergies first began. She instantly recalled what had happened. It was clear as day. She had been in a car accident, was thrown from the car, and laid pinned between the car and the grass. She recalled being frightened and in pain. There was pollen everywhere. It took the fire department a long time to free her from her vehicle. In the process, she developed a negative association, also called a “set point,” to grass and pollen. Once she was able to recall the memory of the accident, and make peace with it, the set point dissolved and the allergies disappeared.

Reiki Tips to Reduce Symptoms of Seasonal Allergy

All forms of Reiki treatments, that is, hands-on (on another person), self-treatment, and Reiki absent treatment, work equally well in controlling the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Below, I describe the Reiki self-treatment protocol that I have found to be most effective in treating the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Remember always, Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult with your doctor anytime you have symptoms that need medical attention.

(Note: Reiki II Practitioners, Reiki Masters, or higher, please read the note at the end before beginning with step 1.)

1. If the allergy symptoms are acute, treat the symptoms with Reiki first. Giving Reiki healing directly to the area where the symptoms are located will help to calm the symptoms. Place your hands in position number one of the second Reiki pattern. Your hands will cover your eyes, forehead, and nasal cavities. In this position, your hands will be giving a Reiki treatment to the eyes, for any watering and itchy symptoms, as well as to the nasal cavities and sinuses for any runny nose, congestion and/or sneezing you may experience. Stay in this position 5 to 10 minutes or until the symptoms subside.

2. Next, move to position number two of the second Reiki pattern. Your hands will be on the sides of the face (the temples) and forward of the external ear. Your fingertips will line up with the ends of the ear lobe. In position number two you will continue to treat all the glands and organs located in the first Reiki position plus the inner and middle ear. (Remember, the internal ear slants forward). Stay in this position 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Now, move to the back of the head. This is position number three of the second Reiki pattern. You are giving Reiki to the brainstem for balancing the ancient reptile-like functions of the brain. The visual cortex also receives Reiki in this position. At the same time, the emotional mind is being treated with Reiki. Stay in this position and give Reiki for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Next, using position number four of the second Reiki pattern, gently and lightly extend your hands over your neck. Allow the hands to rest either on the chin or chest but not on the neck itself. In this position, you are giving Reiki healing to the trachea (the airway), the esophagus (the food way), salivary glads, lymph nodes, voice box, thyroid and parathyroid glands. In this position you are also treating an important reflex point for the immune system. Reiki will help bring more energy to that area in order for your body to decongest itself. Stay in this position 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Now, you will want to administer Reiki healing to each side of the chest. In this position, you will be giving Reiki to the heart, lungs (for clearing and reducing mucus), and thymus glad. The thymus gland is the first immune gland that reacts to stress. administering Reiki in this position will help calm and balance the over-stimulated functions of your immune system that are overreacting. Reiki each side of the chest for 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Next, Reiki your axillae (arm pits) and lateral ribs. By gving Reiki to your axillae and lateral ribs you continue to balance your immune functions and also administer Reiki to the sides of the lungs. Make sure to administer Reiki to each side of the body for 5 to 10 minutes.

Take preventive measures. Start practicing the Reiki self-treatment protocol for seasonal allergies even before allergy season begins. Continue practicing Reiki self-treatment every day. Remember that Reiki works best on chronic conditions (such as seasonal allergies) when used on a consistent basis.

And finally, in addition to practicing your daily Reiki self-treatment take additional steps to reduce the level of stress in your life … exercise, eat healthy foods, meditate, and get enough rest and sleep. Reducing the stress level in your life can literally lighten the burden on your immune system, which in turn can help reduce the impact of seasonal allergy symptoms.

(Note:) If you are a Reiki II practitioner of higher, make sure to give yourself a mental/emotional treatment for the seasonal allergy. In the second Reiki pattern, in position number one, open the SHK channel as you learned to do it in our Reiki II Program. Then, as you give yourself Reiki energy in steps 1-4 as described above, deliver a mental/emotional treatment toward balancing and normalizing your immune response. For instance, you could do a silent monologue or visualization. Always remember to focus on the disired results and not on the problem. We attract that on which we focus.


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