Using Reiki Techniques with Children

Reiki treatment for children

Although using Reiki techniques with children is very similar to the Reiki techniques you would use with adults, there are a few things to keep in mind that will simplify the process and make the experience for that ‘wiggly’  little person seem like playtime.

Using Reiki Techniques with Children in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Reiki sessions for children need to be playful and fun. Don’t expect young children to behave like adults and lie down quietly unless already asleep. Most children are wiggly. They won’t stay still for long. Their attention span is short. Be creative and keep the child entertained.
  2. Remember, you can deliver a Reiki treatment to anyone anywhere, even at the beach.
  3. Turn the Reiki session into a fun game or a story time. For instance, tell your child a story as you move from Reiki hand position to hand position. I remember John Harvey Gray, whenever giving a session to a young child, telling him or her about the elephants who lived in the ‘deep dark leafy jungle.’ John would then imitate the elephant walk with his hands as he moved from hand position to hand position. Children were always mesmerized by these tales and just loved their time with John.
  4. First, deliver the session hands-off working from the child’s energy field before you place your hands directly in contact with the child’s body. Delivering Reiki energy to the child’s energy field or aura is an effective and gentle Reiki technique that will help get the child used to receiving the healing energy. Once the child becomes comfortable with this “hands-off” technique, try it hands-on directly on the child’s body.
  5. Keep the treatment short. The child’s cells are new and require only a fraction of the energy necessary for the adult.

I hope these Reiki tips are helpful to you. Please feel free to email us anytime you have questions or visit our Reiki Class Schedule Page to check out our upcoming classes!

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