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Reiki 2 Advanced Live via Zoom

Explore the transformative power of Reiki in our classes, where you will discover practical techniques to benefit yourself and those around you. Connect with healing energy as you learn to use your hands as a conduit. Join us for this empowering experience, whether for yourself, loved ones, clients, or even your pets. Please note that most of our classes are now offered live through Zoom Teleconferencing. Please check our class schedule for dates. For added convenience, we also provide self-paced Online Reiki Courses that allow you to begin at any time. Secure your spot by viewing our upcoming class schedule and registering today.

Your Reiki Instructor–Lourdes Gray

Lourdes Gray, Reiki Master Teacher. Director, The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healingf

Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., RMT, the Director of the Center, is a charismatic and highly experienced Reiki Master Teacher. She received her entire Reiki Training from her late-husband, John Harvey Gray, who was the longest-practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the US. John was one of the original twenty-two Reiki Masters trained by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West. Lourdes is a 5th generation Reiki Grand Master in the Usui-Hayashi-Takata-Gray lineage and has been teaching for over 29 years. Her extensive experience has attracted students from all over the world for both Reiki instruction and other offered courses. With over 3,000 Usui Reiki classes taught and more than 20,000 students trained, including doctors, nurses, massage therapists, bodyworkers, and individuals from various backgrounds worldwide.

Lourdes personally teaches all training classes at the Center.

“I highly recommend Lourdes Gray, the director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing, as an excellent teacher and guide to the practice of Reiki. Classes are well structured to deliver in-depth instruction and practice with assistance from Reiki Masters. One experiences a welcoming, honest, clear, compassionate and life affirming spirit.”Kathy Madison, Lincoln, MA

Together, John and Lourdes wrote their best-selling book Hand To Hand, a favorite among Reiki enthusiasts worldwide.

Hand To Hand Book

In 2008, John Harvey Gray officially designated Dr. Lourdes Gray as his sole “Reiki Lineage Bearer.”

… I know of no one more qualified to continue my legacy” – John Harvey Gray.

Your Reiki Training Can Start Today …

The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Reiki training because of its commitment to excellence. Our classes are thorough, complete, and most importantly, authentic. We provide a strong and principled foundation, including authentic Usui Reiki techniques and supervised hands-on practice. In addition, complimentary phone and e-mail support is available for as long as you need it.

Reiki Classes at the Center include:
Reiki 1 *
Reiki 2 *
Reiki 2 Advanced *
Reiki Master Program
Past Lives Regressions
Walking The Dead (Reiki for the soul at time of transition)
Reiki Crystal Healing
Learn To See Auras

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*Our 2-day Reiki classes provide the critical time needed to acquire the knowledge, learn the skills, and practice the techniques necessary to become effective at Reiki healing. Learn to create gentle healing, calm, and balance for the self, friends, family, clients, and pets. By the way: all of our classes include animal Reiki techniques.

Awesome class. Got so much more out of this class than I thought I would – (after taking Reiki I previously as a 1 day class.)Robin Archer, RNMarshfield, MA

The highly acclaimed and effective curriculum that is built on the knowledge and experience of both John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray provides students with a profound understanding of Reiki energy healing techniques and powerful Reiki training tools for self-development.

Reiki students practice giving reiki session

You receive all of the individual training attention you deserve. Lourdes and her team of Reiki Master Assistants ensure your learning needs are met at each level of our Reiki classes

“This class was excellent in every way. Lourdes is a strong and effective communicator. The material presented is relevant and easily assimilated because it is broken into smaller segments. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the Reiki process. It is amazing!” — Peg Hassey, Teacher, Hudson, NH

Reiki classes are open online via our distance learning platform and “live” on Zoom Teleconferencing Services.

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