Reiki 1 Class “Live” via Zoom Teleconferencing

Learn Authentic Reiki — Reiki I Class Training and Certification

Reiki 1 Class Graduates

This highly acclaimed Usui Reiki 1 Class is for anyone wanting to learn Reiki, i.e., the Usui Reiki System, in its original form–authentic and complete. Learn Reiki and receive full accredited certification from the comfort of your home. Note: This course includes Reiki for Pets Certification.

The class is being presented “live” via Zoom Teleconferencing and it is fully interactive. You’ll enjoy a well-rounded learning experience that includes lectures, demonstrations, slide presentations, developing your intuition by learning to scan the chakras and aura (electromagnetic field around the body), treating pets, Q&A, history of Reiki, cleansing and charging crystals with Reiki, giving Reiki to water, live foods, and plants, all with plenty of time allotted for practicing with fellow students under the careful eye of Lourdes Gray, RMT, and her team of Reiki Master Assistants. The teacher-student ratio is approximately 1:4, hence you know you’re receiving lots of personal attention and learning the correct way.

Dates: Please visit our list of upcoming events for dates. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

Reiki 1 Class Agenda. Watch this video to preview what will be taught in the class

You will receive 4 attunements-initiations that will empower you as an effective Reiki healer. You will work together with the other students under the instructors’ gentle guidance to develop your intuitive abilities and Reiki healing skills. By the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to practice Reiki at a therapeutic level and bring healing comfort and calm to friends, family, clients, pets, and the self.

The workshop hours are 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST both Saturday and Sunday. After registering for the class, you will receive an e-mail confirmation along with a Zoom invitation and instructions on how to prepare for the class.

Our direct lineage to Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki, and Lourdes Gray’s many years of experience teaching and practicing Reiki, will help ensure that you receive the very best Reiki training available anywhere. Our Reiki Lineage is as follows:

  • Mikao Usui the originator of Reiki, who trained
  • Chujiro Hayashi, who trained
  • Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the USA, and who trained
  • John Harvey Gray, who became the longest-Practicing Reiki teacher in the USA, and who trained
  • Lourdes Gray, RMT, Director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing and Lineage Bearer for John Harvey Gray. Lourdes has over 23 years of experience teaching and practicing Reiki.
Here’s a demonstration of a full Reiki session the way you will be able to perform it after completing the course

You’ll also have access to class videos, audio recordings, the Reiki 1 course manual, as well as to other resources so that you can go back and review whenever you wish at no additional cost. In addition, you’ll have access to our Private Reiki 1 Graduates Facebook Group where you can continue learning and building community with other students. Q&A email and phone support are available during and after the course is finished.

Reiki was introduced to the United States by a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo TakataJohn Harvey Gray received his entire Reiki training through Hawayo Takata. He taught Reiki for longer than any other Reiki teacher in the United States before his passing in 2011. John Harvey Gray was responsible for introducing and establishing Reiki in the New England region.

In This Usui Reiki 1 Class You Will Learn How To:

  • Deliver effective Reiki treatments for yourself, family, friends, and pets. We’ll give you plenty of supervised practice time to reinforce what you’ve learned in class and build your skill set and confidence.
  • Bring healing comfort and calm to any condition, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  • Treat long-standing health conditions using 3 easy-to-learn Reiki hand patterns.
  • Use Reiki to improve immune function.
  • Use Reiki to reduce and eliminate stress, tension and pain.
  • Treat recent injuries via a 2-step Reiki protocol. Using this protocol injuries can heal in 1/3 of the normal time.
  • Use Reiki to prepare anyone, human or pet, for surgery, give Reiki during surgery and treat after surgery (post-op). Reiki helps prepare the mind and body for surgery and accelerates the healing process after surgery.
  • Customize each Reiki treatment to fit anyone’s (human or pet) needs so it can be the most effective treatment for them.
  • Scan the human energy field and chakras (energy centers) for balance and vitality and use this information during the Reiki treatment to improve results.
  • Understand the relationship between chakras and emotions and how these affect the body of a person or an animal.
  • Charge and cleanse crystals with Reiki and use them for balancing the chakras. You’ll learn a dowsing technique that will help you choose the right crystals.
  • Give Reiki to yourself. (We’ll help you design a Reiki self-treatment protocol just for you.)
  • Give a Reiki treatment to someone who is sitting in a chair if they can’t lie down comfortably.
  • Give Reiki treatments to pets, e.g., dogs, cats and horses as well as to plants in your garden. This class includes Reiki for Pets Level 1.
  • The history of Reiki and enjoy a beautiful slide presentation on the lives and works of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray.
  • How to conduct a Reiki intake and the ethics of practicing Reiki.

Your Reiki Instructor–Lourdes Gray

Lourdes Gray

A charismatic and highly experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Lourdes Gray received her entire Reiki Training from her late-husband John Harvey Gray. Lourdes has taught over 1,500 Usui Reiki classes and trained more than 15,000 Reiki students alone or with John Harvey Gray over the last 23 years. This includes numerous doctors, nurses, massage therapists, bodyworkers as well as the general public.

Together, John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray wrote their best selling book Hand To Hand, a favorite among Reiki enthusiasts worldwide.

Hand To Hand Book

In 2008, John Harvey Gray officially designated Lourdes Gray as his sole “Reiki Lineage Bearer.”

… I know of no one more qualified to continue my legacy” – John Harvey Gray

“The training I received…was outstanding. Each of the two-day courses (Reiki I, II, and Advanced) brought me deeply into the energy and provided answers to every question. The second day not only provided new information, but allowed for a deepening of the energies…and more time to practice. It was transforming! Lourdes Gray is the best teacher I could ever have asked for.”  

— Susan Moscariello

Our Reiki 1 Class Will Provide You with The Knowledge, Experience And Confidence To Give Reiki To Yourself And Others.

  • Through well-organized Reiki lectures, clear and thorough Reiki demonstrations, and ample supervised Reiki hands-on practice time, you will quickly and easily learn how to bring healing comfort and calm to long-standing conditions as well as to recent injuries for other people, pets, and for yourself.
  • You will learn how to scan the human energy field and chakras (energy centers) for balance and vitality and use this information during the Reiki treatment. You will learn about the relationship between chakras and emotions, how these affect the body, and how to use Reiki to restore their balance.
  • You will receive the Four Original Reiki I Attunements, directly from Lourdes live via Zoom, which will enable you to channel the Reiki energy for the rest of your life. The original Reiki attunement process automatically protects you from picking up negative energy from your clients as well as from depleting your own personal energy while giving Reiki. Note: Reiki attunements cause a shift in your energy blueprint to enable you to channel the Reiki energy. Attunements work at an ‘energetic’ level and have no connection to the physical body. This makes the attunement process administered on platforms such as Zoom just as effective as those given in person.
  • You will receive 1-year complimentary access to our Reiki 1 Membership where you’ll be able to download and print the course manual and watch the class videos and listen to the audio files. In addition, you’ll have lifetime access to support via e-mail, phone, and our private Facebook group. As a student of Lourdes’ Reiki 1 Class, you will be able to contact Lourdes Gray directly by email or Facebook any time a question arises during your Reiki practice.
  • “Lourdes’ teaching style is clear, patient, and concise – and she delivers the same information exactly as she learned from her husband, John. Furthermore, Lourdes is great with support after the class – always returning emails with answers. I currently practice on the Reiki team at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and feel I couldn’t have been better prepared under another Reiki Master.” — Debbie GoodwinLebanon, NH

No prior experience is necessary in order to learn Reiki.

It was a life changing experience at the Reiki 1 class. A personal intimate experience with the expertise of decades of of knowledge & teaching. NH is very blessed to have this center for Reiki. They have other related courses available as well! Warm & friendly.
Joelle Roy Eldredge

Two-Day Classes: Our Unique Advantage

Reiki students practice giving reiki session

Reiki training is not standardized. It is passed down as an oral tradition and varies widely from teacher to teacher. There are no licensing or regulation requirements for teaching Reiki.

Some Reiki teachers teach a highly condensed version of Reiki, (e.g., Reiki I and 2 in a single weekend). The concern with this approach is that essential Reiki information, knowledge and much needed supervised practice time are not being provided for the student because of time constrains. Very often, students leave these classes unsure, confused and feeling incomplete. They later say that something was “missing” from their training.

Our Reiki 1 Class provides authentic Usui Reiki training taught with “no-cut corners” in the same manner Hawayo Takata and John Harvey Gray taught in their Reiki classes.

By offering our Reiki 1 training as a two-day class, we are able to preserve the original and full Reiki teachings, and transfer the knowledge completely to you.  Our two-day Reiki training (which is true to the original Usui Reiki System) assures that you will develop the level of knowledge, skill, and confidence necessary to use Reiki effectively.

You will have plenty of time for supervised hands-on practice, receive lots of individual attention, learn exercises that will quickly develop your intuition, learn how to scan the aura and chakras with your hands and understand their significance in a Reiki session, and much more. All your questions will be answered! — our typical student-teacher ratio is approximately 6:1.

“Lourdes not only taught the classes, she became a lifetime mentor and friend. I highly recommend to anyone searching for a teacher to call the Center and register for her two day Reiki classes. I know you will be properly trained and will enjoy [doing] Reiki!”

— Linda Manning

“Awesome program. Got so much more out of this program than I thought I would – (after taking Reiki I previously as a 1 day program.)”

— Robin Archer, RN,  Marshfield, MA

“If you are thinking about learning about Reiki, look no further! I have attended everyone of Lourdes Gray‘s classes and in my opinion you will not find any better or complete instruction! When you leave her class you will know and understand Reiki!  Two years later, if I have a question I contact Lourdes and she responds within 24 hours!”

—  Pam Thivierge, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal

What Is Included In This Class

Emotionality in the Chakras CD

Your class materials include a Reiki 1 Class Manual, a detailed class manual (retail value $39), a beautiful Reiki 1 Certificate ready for framing, and a FREE mp3 Emotionality in The Chakras Audio download by John Harvey Gray (Retail value $14.95).

Enjoy listening to John share with you, in his own words, his groundbreaking theory of emotionality in the chakras. Allow him to guide you on his beautiful chakra balancing meditation to help bring balance and healing to your chakras and emotions.

In addition, you’ll receive full membership to our Reiki 1 Graduates Resource Page where you’ll find many other resources including videos, a class manual download, and other resources to support your Reiki journey.

“I am so happy that I did my research before I chose where I would take my Reiki 1 course. I was looking for…someone who taught with reverence for the history and background of the practice. I found all of that and more upon walking into Lourdes’ class last weekend.”

— Annette Bennett Mather