Reiki 2 Advanced

Reiki 2 Advanced Students

(Advanced Second Degree Reiki Class)


Reiki 2 Advanced will complete your Reiki 2nd Degree level training and introduce you to Reiki Master level techniques. In our Reiki 2 Class you were introduced to the extensions of Reiki and practiced techniques for more power, mental treatments, and distance healing. Reiki 2 Advanced serves as the bridge between our Reiki 2 Training and our Reiki Master Program.
This class is personally taught by Lourdes Gray, RMT, Director, The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing.
Saturday and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  • Learn a technique used to repair breaks or holes in the astral matrix. This powerful technique accelerates the healing process for many different conditions.
  • Understand the body’s polarity organization and how it affects your health and wellbeing, and then, use Reiki handstechniques to correct polarity reversals and disorganization and restore the body’s energetic balance.
  • Practice a variety of muscle testing and dowsing techniques.
  • Learn a Reiki distance treatment technique called Stacking. Stacking will allow you to effectively send distance Reiki to groups of any kind and size, all in a single Reiki session … you’ll be able to send distance Reiki to anyone, anywhere … to your family and friends, our armed forces, endangered species, volatile world situations, global warming, the Earth and much more.
  • Attract more abundance into to your life using an advanced Reiki technique.
  • Discover your soul’s destiny and manifest your personal goals through Reiki.
  •  Utilize our Reiki Linking Awareness technique to promote better communication between your mind and body. Often, the “problem” is not with a particular gland or organ. The problem may be the result of low levels of communication between the mind and body. This technique restores communication and alleviates pain, inflammation, and swelling … bringing forth calm and a deep sense of well-being.
  • Make your own pendulum and learn to use it.
  • Receive two additional meditative attunements.

“I am continuously amazed at the increasingly powerful and beautiful treatments as we progress each class.” 

Susanne Wissell


This class will be limited to persons who have completed the Reiki 2 Class with us. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

View our Reiki Class Schedule to sign up for the Advanced Second Degree Reiki Class with Lourdes today.

“The energy of this class was amazing! The material was really fun to learn. All the instructors were very knowledgable and helpful. Thank you!”

— Amie Hagan

Reiki 2 Advanced Training Cost:

*Register for Two Programs and Save More!
Sign up for both Reiki 2 and Reiki 2 Advanced reiki 2 practiceAdvanced as a “package” and save 25% on Reiki 2 and 40% on Advanced! Pay the discounted amount of $525 for both. Pay just $250 to repeat both courses if you have previously taken them with either John or Lourdes.

Note: The “package” tuition for Reiki 2 and Reiki 2 Advanced is non-refundable once you complete the Reiki 2 Class training portion of the package. If you are unable to complete the Reiki 2 Advanced portion of the training, the remaining balance will be applied as a tuition credit to a future class of your choice.

“Excellent instruction and it was very effective. My sense is you are doing a wonderful job continuing the lineage and your dedication and authenticity is obvious. Thank you.”

 Scott Gordon




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