Reiki Master Program

Reiki Master Program

When our students began asking for Reiki Master Training, it was clear that most were not mainly interested in teaching. What they wanted was to learn the powerful Reiki Master Level healing techniques. These include techniques designed for self-development and inner transformation, as well as the more practical hands-on knowledge of how to use them to help themselves and others. Up to now, the only masterships available in Reiki were teaching masterships that usually offer little or no information on using Reiki for healing and personal development and are concerned mostly with how to teach Reiki workshops, or the one day Reiki Master classes, which leave out a great deal of essential information and allow no time for practice.

As we examined this situation, we became certain of several things:

  1. Well-trained and committed Reiki Masters whose main focus is healing and not teaching, are needed and are not being produced by traditional training methods.
  2. There is a wealth of information using old and new energies and methods to heal ourselves and others that need to be shared.
  3. The time is right to utilize all these resources to create an all-inclusive body of knowledge that will help bring more healing to ourselves, others, and the Earth.

The Reiki Master Program is our answer to this need. It provides a stage in which the Reiki student may develop the knowledge, skill, energy, and intent to produce powerful healing, powerful changes, and hope for all.

Reiki Master students practice doing a Reiki attunement
Reiki Master Students Practice Giving Each Other Reiki Attunements

The Reiki Master Program consists of a one-on-one Mentorship with Lourdes Gray, RMT, and Director of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. The lessons are provided online and via Zoom. You’ll have access to our Private Reiki Master FB Group. Each lesson builds on previously acquired skills that are mastered before moving on to the next lesson. Certification for Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 2 Advanced are included in the Program at no extra cost.

The Program is 6-months long but you’ll have a full year to complete it. Then, you’ll have ongoing access to the lessons and to Lourdes anytime you have questions about the course.

The Reiki Master Program Includes The Following:

Rice Experiement
As an Experiment on “What is Consciousness” Reiki Master Students Explore The Effect of Positive and Negative Words on Rice.
  • Advanced meditation and healing techniques designed for self-development and inner transformation.
  • How to dramatically improve the success rate of your Reiki sessions by learning directly from Hawayo Takata via audio recordings. Note: This material belongs to a collection of very important private recordings made by John Harvey Gray during his Reiki Master Training. It is not available to the public.
  • Advanced mental, emotional and spiritual healing techniques.
  • Developing your intuitive perceptions, including reading auras, to guide your healing work.
  • Accessing and activating the Reiki Master Energy within you for powerful healing and inner clarity.
  • A 24-hour Vision Quest alone with the Reiki Master Energy.
  • Learning how to attune people, animals, and crystals to Reiki.
  • Some of the DEEPEST SECRETS in Reiki, including the true purpose of Reiki symbols, how the Reiki symbols were created, and why Reiki symbols must be kept secret; how the Reiki attunement works; why there is such a wide difference in attunement procedures among Reiki lineages; and how the Reiki Master attunement originated and how it works.
  • Advanced techniques that link awareness within the self and restore communication and balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • How to set up powerful and effective Reiki treatments that run on “automatic” without your having to be present. Treat as many people (or animals) as you’d like and the Reiki energy will work on its own with this amazing technique.
  • The Laws of Reiki Energy and Universal Consciousness. Timeline techniques. With Reiki, there is no such thing as time and space. Reiki allows you to energetically travel to the past or into the future, and bring healing and balance to past events and future situations.
  • Advanced techniques that help create wellbeing and abundance in your life.
  • Reiki Interviewing skills and ethics.
  • Oriental Energy Concepts for Reiki Masters.
  • How to set up a thriving Reiki practice.
  • You will receive your Reiki Master Attunement.
  • Video access to all Reiki Master Lessons for one year.
  • In addition, after completing the Reiki Master Program, you will be eligible to enter the Reiki Master Assistant Program and participate with us in our Reiki workshops and receive additional training—free of charge!

Optional practice sessions, teleconferences, phone and e-mail support are provided for questions and homework support.

Location: Online and via Zoom. Lesson dates are flexible. Learn at your own pace.

Reiki Master Students with guitar

Regular tuition $3995. Register now and save $600! Sale ends July 1st. NOTE: Reiki Master Tuition includes tuitions for Reiki 1, 2, and Advanced. If you have already taken these classes with us, you’ll receive a tuition discount credit when you enroll.
Tuition installment plans are available!!! Contact Lourdes for details. An example of a tuition plan with $250 deposit is $260 installment payment per month for 12 months.

(Note: Installment payment plans are available. Please contact us for more information.)

(Note: This sale discount promotion cannot be combined with other sale discount promotions)


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Call us today at 603-933-0943 to reserve your space. Reiki Master classes fill up fast. Reservations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Reiki Master Program! Please e-mail or call 603-933-0943 for additional information.

Cancellation Policy

What Students Are Saying About The Reiki Master Program :

“This class, Reiki, and all the tools I have learned in this class, have transformed my life.”

— Jill M. Dwyer

“For me, the Reiki Master Advanced Program was life changing. I use all the skills and techniques I learned on a daily basis. Reiki has fulfilled my heart’s longing. Friendships with like-minded people are one of my favorite things that came out of the Master’s class. So glad that I had the opportunity to be a part. Thank you Lourdes”

— Sue Couture

“The Reiki Master Advanced Program truly was an opportunity for amazing personal growth! I highly recommend this Program to all who want to continue on the Reiki path and are contemplating becoming Reiki Masters! I am so grateful I did!”

— Pam Thivierge

“Through The John Harvey Gray Center Reiki Master Advanced Program, I came to understand that Reiki is more than a practice — it’s a way of being. The Reiki Master Program provides you with the knowledge, experience, tools and resources to tap into the Universe’s infinite Love and Energy for self-care and client healing. Get ready to be transformed!”

— Steve Ridini

“After completing the Reiki Master Advanced Program I feel more a part of the highest-good in the World.”

— Terri Wechsler

“I feel this class has solidified my understanding of Reiki and introduced me to other healing models which have broadened my ability to be a better to be a better practitioner.”

— Jane Demott

“I feel honored to have learned from two such experienced and knowledgeable teachers, not only the practical elements of advanced Reiki techniques, but the many diverse theories and traditions behind them. It was mind-and-heart-expanding and truly inspirational.”

— Cheryl J. Tate

“Lots of information on Reiki and complimentary modalities. Takata recordings were great.”

— Nancy L. Herring

“I’ve learned so much this year! I feel honored and blessed to be taught and attuned by Lourdes and John. I feel blessed to be in this class with my my classmates, too. I am grateful to you all.”

— Carolyn King

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