Walking the Dead (Hospice, End of Life Reiki)

walking the dead

Walking the Dead is a specialized Second Degree Reiki course based on ancient teachings. You will learn advanced Reiki techniques to assist people or pets in getting ready to transition out of this life. You will also learn how to help those who have already physically died but have not fully transitioned into Spirit. Students learn how the soul leaves the Earth plane and crosses into cosmic consciousness.

The dying process can be troubling and confusing for souls leaving the Earth plane. Some souls may be frightened or reluctant to cross over because of fear of the unknown. Others may not want to transition because they do not want to leave their loved ones behind. Many souls with unresolved issues are also reluctant to cross over. Reiki practitioners who have these specific techniques can aid this process. It is essential for those Reiki practitioners wishing to help any person or animal in the transition process to learn specific Reiki techniques for this purpose.

“My journey with Lourdes Gray has been a life changing experience. A close friend recommended her classes.  Her knowledge of reiki is immense, and her ability to connect through Zoom is very effective.   She is always available for questions and the monthly meetups are extremely helpful to clarify any issues you may have.  This is reiki as it was meant to be!”  Gina Kozimor, PT

The course teaches the Reiki student advanced Reiki methods for helping both humans and animals nearing their time of transition to safely pass into Spirit. It also teaches the Reiki student how to help souls that have left their physical bodies and are earthbound to cross into the Light. It is invaluable to have these skills ready to apply at any time.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • The bioenergetics of dying … how energy centers in the body release during the process of transitioning.
  • How to administer Reiki during the process of transitioning in order to help the individual feel safe and loved during the transition process.
  • What happens after a person physically dies … understanding the steps of the transition process, and assisting the transition, using advanced Reiki techniques.
  • How to safely establish and maintain communication with an individual that has physically died but has not yet crossed over. This communication is for the purpose of walking him or her over to the other side.
  • How to utilize advanced Reiki techniques to safely walk individuals and or groups who have died, but have not yet crossed into Spirit.
  • How to communicate with, and walk, those animals that have transitioned, but not yet left the Earth plane.
  • How to utilize advanced Reiki techniques to clear a house, an office, or other space of undesirable energy … including lingering spirits or entities.

(Prerequisite: You must have a Reiki 2 or greater level of Reiki training.)


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