Reiki Helps “Riley” The Dog Recover from Surgery

Hi Lourdes,

I thought I’d share a Reiki story with you.  It’s not my most dramatic experience but my first canine one so I
thought I’d share.  I took my 11 month old dog, Riley, to be neutered.  I gave him Reiki treatments before, during and after.  When I brought him home after the procedure I expected him to be very protective of his incision.  I approached him gently to begin Reiki and he rolled right over on his back and exposed his incision.  He laid quietly while I did the treatment.

The next morning same thing.  As soon as I approached him he rolled over.  He looked back and forth from his incision to me like he was urging me to get on with the Reiki!  Twenty four hours after leaving the vet he was running and playing. He did not need the pain medication he was given.  When I brought him back for his post-op check up, and to return the unused drugs, the vet said, “Wow!, He looks fantastic. You would never even know he had surgery.”  So I give thanks again to you and to Reiki 🙂

Karen Peters

1 thought on “Reiki Helps “Riley” The Dog Recover from Surgery”

  1. Karen,
    Yahoo for Reiki! Glad Reilly did so well with his surgery… Reiki is definitely the best, especially for surgeries.
    Thanks for sharing!

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