Reiki FAQs

The Reiki FAQ section of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing is dedicated to presenting our visitors with answers to the most frequently asked questions about Reiki energy healing and its practice. Questions such as the following will be included: “What is Reiki?”; “How does Reiki work?”; ” What are some of the practical uses of Reiki?”; “Can Reiki be used as a tool for spiritual development?” Many other commonly asked questions about Reiki … as well as about healing energy in general … will also be addressed.

Frequently asked questions on the chakras (energy centers), the human aura, and past lives will be addressed in the Reiki FAQ section as well.

Students have also been sending us some vey good questions regarding the practical aspects of giving Reiki treatments. Since these questions are applicable to most treatment situations, we have decided to share them with you so that you can also benefit from the answers. The answers to these questions are based on the direct teachings of Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray and my 18 years of practicing and teaching Reiki to thousands of students.

In this manner, visitors to the website … including experienced Reiki practitioners, Reiki students, energy healers … and the public at large, will be able to utilize this information as a valuable resource.

Keep checking back with us as we continue adding more Reiki energy healing questions and answers to this section.

Do you have a question about Reiki? We would like to hear from you. Please email your question to Reiki FAQs and we’ll reply to it on this page.

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