Isolate a Single Symptom

Question: “Can we just isolate a single area of the body, where the symptom is located, if we don’t have time for a full Reiki session?”

Answer: This is probably one of the most misunderstood topics in the Reiki protocol. If your time is limited, it is better to give Reiki to the entire body, all three Reiki patterns, than to concentrate over a single area unless you are treating an injury that just happened. For a recent injury, you need to follow the two step protocol, 1.) Give Reiki to the injury first. 2.) Next, release the memory of the injury from the body by giving Reiki to the adrenal glands.

However, if you are treating a chronic condition, it is best to distribute your time on the positions over the entire body by giving Reiki in all three patterns. Do this, even if you are only spending a minute (or less) per position. If your time is very limited, you can still give a good Reiki treatment in 18 minutes, and cover all of the 18 positions on the three patterns.

As you deliver the full Reiki treatment, stay longer over the positions where the symptoms are located. John Harvey Gray recommended that if you have a full hour’s time available for the Reiki treatment, to deliver Reiki 2-3 minutes over non-problem areas and 5-7 minutes over problem areas.

It is extremely important to not limit Reiki to an exclusive area of the body. Why is this? Let’s take headaches for example. From an energetic perspective, a headache can be caused by either a deficiency, or an excess (stagnation) of energy.

If the headache is caused by a deficiency of energy, then giving Reiki directly to the symptom will usually bring some temporary relief.

However, if the headache is caused by an excess (Chi stagnation), where the energy is not moving well through the area, adding more energy to the area (and skipping the full body Reiki treatment) would not be very effective.

Remember that working with Reiki is working with energy. Reiki helps to balance the energy in the body, but for this, a complete treatment is necessary. If there is too much energy in one area, then, there is not enough energy somewhere else. A good analogy would be a clog in a drain. The energy is not flowing well through the channel and is backing up. By your giving the full treatment, the Reiki energy is filling in the gaps, and moving the energy that may have become stagnant so that the channel can open up and the energy can flow better.

Another consideration is that the cause of the symptom may not be where the symptom is being felt. The source of the headache could be somewhere else in the body. By giving the full body Reiki treatment (all three Reiki patterns), you are making the Reiki energy more accessible to all areas of the body, thereby making it easier for the Reiki to reach the real cause of the headache. Takata said, “Reiki is cause and effect. If you can find the cause, and remove it, Reiki can help get rid of the effects.” Reiki works best when it is used to support the natural healing wisdom of the body. In order for that to happen, you need to give complete Reiki treatments any time that you are treating a symptom that is related to a chronic condition.

Disclaimer: The material and techniques presented on are for the Reiki student’s learning purposes only. In no way it is to be considered medical advice. Reiki is not a substitute for medical are. If you or your pet have a health related condition, and would like to use Reiki, first consult a licensed medical practitioner or licensed veterinarian, whichever the case may be, and follow the advice of your licensed medical professional in regards to the administration of Reiki for your particular health condition.


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