Reiki for Polio

Question: “My father had polio as a child. He is 88 years old. Can I just give Reiki to his arms and legs?”

Answer: The answer depends on your reason for the question. Why are you treating only the arms and legs? Is it because it is not easy for you to reach other areas on the body? If this is so, then you need to find a more comfortable position for you to perform the treatment … one in which you have easy access to the entire body. However, if the reason is because this is the part of his body that was most affected by the polio, then the answer would be that you would also need to give him full body treatments. Treat the arms and legs as optional positions, but do include full body treatments. Remember, after the condition becomes chronic, the entire body becomes involved in the healing process.

Question (a follow up to the above question): “Would I lay my hands on his lower and then upper arms? Can I do his knees and also lay my hands on his thighs?”

Answer: Yes, but make these positions optional. Only use these positions to supplement the complete treatment – using all three of the patterns.

Disclaimer: The material and techniques presented on are for the Reiki student’s learning purposes only. In no way it is to be considered medical advice. Reiki is not a substitute for medical are. If you or your pet have a health related condition, and would like to use Reiki, first consult a licensed medical practitioner or licensed veterinarian, whichever the case may be, and follow the advice of your licensed medical professional in regards to the administration of Reiki for your particular health condition.

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