Reiki Positions for Large Person

Question: “I had to add more Reiki positions on my husband’s body due to his size. Is this okay?”

Answer: It is fine. Remember, the Reiki treatment patterns are there to serve only as a guide. They are not written in stone. If you are working on a large-sized person, then add more body positions. In the same manner, if you are giving Reiki to a small-sized person, then use fewer positions. What is important is that in either case, you give Reiki to all of the major glands and organs of the body during the full Reiki treatment.

Disclaimer: The material and techniques presented on are for the Reiki student’s learning purposes only. In no way it is to be considered medical advice. Reiki is not a substitute for medical are. If you or your pet have a health related condition, and would like to use Reiki, first consult a licensed medical practitioner or licensed veterinarian, whichever the case may be, and follow the advice of your licensed medical professional in regards to the administration of Reiki for your particular health condition.

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