Why Some of Our Reiki Training Classes Are Two Days

Practicing Reiki at our Reiki Training ClassesOur Usui Reiki training classes are authentic, thorough and complete, presented with “no-cut corners” exactly as Hawayo Takata, the woman who brought Reiki to the United States, and John Harvey Gray, the longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher, taught them for many years.

Our Reiki 1 Class (Reiki First Degree), Reiki 2 Class (Reiki Second Degree) and Reiki 2 Advanced Class (Reiki Second Degree Advanced) classes require two days of training each because it would be impossible to present all of the knowledge, skills, and techniques contained in each of these Reiki courses in just one day.

If we were to cut the training time to just one day, we would be leaving out 1/2 of the training, which is unfortunately what often happens in one-day classes where students leave unsure and confused.

Reiki Training Is Not Standardized

Reiki training is neither standardized nor licensed. It varies widely from teacher to teacher, even within a particular Reiki lineage. This also applies to the theory and techniques the prospective teacher learns during their training. The training to become a Reiki teacher can range from years of intense training to just a single weekend class.

Some Reiki teachers teach a highly condensed version of Reiki, (e.g., Reiki I and 2 in a single weekend) in order to attract students who wish to complete their Reiki training more quickly. The problem here is that essential Reiki information, knowledge and much needed supervised practice time are not being provided for the student. Very often, students leave these classes unsure, confused and incomplete. They later say that something was “missing” from their training.

reiki practice
Reiki practice

“… Our Reiki classes are not just theory and slide shows,” Explains Lourdes. “50% of our curriculum consists of supervised hands-on Reiki practice.

This helps you, the Reiki student, develop the level of knowledge, skill, confidence and experience necessary to use Reiki effectively and bring healing comfort, balance and calm to yourself, family, friends, clients and pets.

What’s more, you will receive lots of individual attention at our Reiki classes. Our typical student-teacher ratio is approximately 2:1!”

At the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki healing we give you 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our Reiki trainings. Please read what our students are saying about us in our Facebook Reviews and below!

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“This was the most powerful and well run workshop I’ve attended in a long time. Lourdes and all the assistants were phenomenal. I’m astounded by the 1:2 ratio of assistants to students.”

Lindsay Welch
Personal Development Coach
Gloucester, MA

“Lourdes is an amazing, compassionate, thorough teacher and practitioner. I have learned a lot and intend to continue with Lourdes due to her loving nature and deep knowledge of the lineage of Reiki.”

Diane M. Lavin, R.N., MSN
Pediatric Nurse Manager
Auburn, MA

“Lourdes, thank you for this effective time of education and training. It was personally healing and professionally inspiring. I look forward to continuing my studies with you”

Rev. Lael Atkinson,
Pastor, Payson Park Church
United Church of Christ
Belmont, MA

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