What is Reiki?

Reiki EarthReiki is a Japanese word for “Universal Life Energy.” It is a  word used for both the healing energy itself, and for the method for using the energy. A natural healing energy, Reiki can be found anywhere on Earth.

“The energy is believed to be in the alpha range, at around 10 hertz or cycles per second,” explained John Harvey Gray. “It’s been part of our planet since ancient times,” he continued.


Mikao Usui
Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Chujiro Hayashi

The energy was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar (d. 1926) in the 1920s. After decades long research on the healing methods ascribed to both Buddha and Jesus, Mikao Usui found a method for tapping into this natural healing energy.

Mikao Usui, trained Chujiro Hayashi, a medical doctor.  In the 1930s, Dr. Hayashi in turn trained 

Hawayo Takata
Hawayo Takata
John Harvey Gray giving a Reiki treatment
John Harvey Gray

a Japanese-American woman named Mrs.  Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata brought the system to the United States and trained John Harvey Gray to become a Reiki Master Teacher in 1974 along with 21 others.

John Harvey Gray became the longest practicing and most experienced Reiki Master Teacher in the United States until his passing into spirit in 2011. John taught Reiki in 48 of the 50 States and established the system in New England.

What Makes Reiki Different From Other Forms of Energy Healing?

reiki many handsReiki differs from other forms of energy healing in that practitioners do not use their own personal energy during the healing process. Reiki practitioners can give effective sessions immediately after taking a class. Practitioners of other healing modalities such as Qi Gong and Therapeutic Touch have to learn how to harness their personal chi and deliver to the client for healing. This is a skill that can take from months to years to acquire.

“We, as Reiki practitioners are passive channels,” explained John Harvey Gray. “The ‘cells’ inside the body of the person, animal or plant receiving the energy actually draw the energy within. They control how much energy to take in or none at all. “Nature’s wisdom is much deeper than our own,”  he concluded. Practicing as an unconditional channel prevents human error from contaminating the healing session. This is when the real miracles begin to happen.

Is It Always Safe?

When given as complete treatment to the full body, yes, it is always safe. There are no contraindications when the healing energy is used in this manner.  The “cells” inside the body receiving the energy are able to decide whether to accept the energy or not. This is why it’s so important to practice all of the hand positions, in all three patterns, when giving a treatment.

What Are The Benefits of Reiki?

  • Anyone can learn Reiki quickly and easily. It doesn’t take months or years of intense practice for you to become an effective healer. You will be be able to channel the healing energy at a therapeutic level immediately after taking the First Degree Class.
  • Reiki practitioners are able to treat themselves as well as others without running the risk of depleting their own energy supply or “chi.” In fact, most practitioners feel better after giving a session then when they started.
  • You will have an automatic protection that prevents the passing of negative energyreiki-attunement from yourself to your client, and visa versa. This is provided to you by the Reiki attunement process. The attunement process is the hallmark of Reiki. It’s what makes us different from all of the other healing modalities. Attunements are administered to Reiki students during classes to help them channel the healing energy. The process causes a shift in the student’s energy blueprint that allows him or her to channel the healing energy automatically … without depleting his or her own personal energy supply.  Only the original attunement procedure guarantees this protection.
  • Reiki can  be used for emergency situations, e.g., cuts, burns or bruises. With the energy, the healing process is accelerated to approximately 1/3 of the normal time. Reiki practitioners literally have a “first aid kit” right in their hands.

How Does It Work?

reiki position for throat chakraThe healing energy flows through the hands of a practitioner and into the self, another person, animal or plant being treated, enhancing and accelerating the natural healing processes in the body. The energy helps restore balance and harmony for both the self and for others. It promotes the relaxation response. Anyone can easily learn Reiki.

Many hospitals, nursing homes and wellness centers offer these healing sessions to their patients.

reiki hand position 3 first patternAs it flows, the energy interacts with the cells of living organisms, i.e., the cells in humans, animals and plants, to balance and harmonize their functions. It supports the natural healing processes in all living organisms, i.e., physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Anytime a practitioner places his or her hands on a person, animal, or plant, the body of the receiver recognizes the healing energy, and within several seconds, starts drawing the energy within.

What Does The Energy Flow Feel Like?

As the cells inside the body of the person, animal or plant draw the energy within, there is a perception of energy flow. The perception could be heat, tingling, or pulsation. The stronger the perception, then the stronger the cells’ energy draw. Note: in some instances the perception may differ between practitioner and client. This is normal.

Do I Need To Be Thinking Anything While I Give Reiki?

No, the delivery of the healing energy requires no conscious effort on the part of the practitioner. Hawayo Takata called it “automatic concentration.”  The Reiki practitioner’s function is to remain attentive but unconditional. To be a passive channel, thus allowing the energy to pass into the cells of the person, animal or plant receiving the Reiki treatment without any involvement with human ego. This is how we teach you to work in our Reiki classes.

Reiki stillnessIn this manner, the Reiki energy is best able to interact with the natural healing ability of the body receiving the session. John Harvey Gray said, “get out of the way of the energy, do not try to control it.”

The spiritual side of the practice of Reiki teaches us to be present and caring, yet unconditional. It teaches us how to get our egos out of the way of the healing session. Reiki teaches us unconditional love. This is when true miracles begin to happen.


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