Treating the Adrenal Glands with Reiki

Treating the adrenal glands with Reiki is an important topic with our students and in this post we present you with an audio recording and transcript (created as accurately as possible) of Hawayo Takata explaining this type of Reiki treatment.

It is helpful to learn what Takata (as she liked to be called), taught about using Reiki for treating the adrenals, and of the important role they play in relation to an injury, physical or emotional.

Our goal is to make this information available to the Reiki community in order to provide more clarity and a deeper understanding of the use and practice of Reiki.

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Transcript: Reiki for Treating the Adrenal Glands

Question: Rev. Beth Gray: How do you go about treating the adrenals?

Hawayo Takata: The adrenal glands are the shock absorbers of the body. So, not only when you are frightened but even if you anger, if you anger (you should treat). And you, then you become create the fear. And the adrenal glands are have to go, right to the adrenal glands.

They (the adrenal glands) are above the kidneys; sitting, like a V-shaped gland above the kidneys. And this is very important (to treat) in (case of) accident. And when you, take care of these adrenal glands when you have an accident, then your accident is completely, could be healed.

But if you do not take care of the adrenal glands, what happens after one year or year and a half, You know, at the beginning they have (Takata provides an example here) this iron collar, whiplash, four and five months. But then after they take the collar off they said, “I am funny here. I am not the same person.” Then they always blame and say, “I don’t feel well after the accident. I may look good. But, no, I don’t feel the same.” And that means the adrenal glands has never been treated and released of the shock.

Note: Takata always emphasized the importance of administering Reiki to the adrenal glands whenever experiencing high levels of stress, such as after an injury or surgery, and also during periods of high emotional or mental stress.

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and are vital to our wellbeing. They play a very important role in producing the hormones that we need, especially during times of stress. Reiki can help the adrenal glands recover after experiencing a highly stressful event such as an injury, surgery, the memory of birth trauma for a baby … or any strong negative emotion, such as anger or fear by releasing the “memory” of the incident from the body.

The process is very easy if you apply the technique while the “memory” of the injury is still active. To release the shock from the adrenal glands, place your hands over each adrenal gland and give Reiki for approximately 10 minutes or until you feel a drop in the energy flow.

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