Reiki In Your Garden?

Hi Lourdes –

Again this past winter, I did Reiki on our rhododendrons to keep them from being damaged by the alternating deep freeze and warm weather.  I brought in a leaf from each bush, and worked on them together. It worked spectacularly, as these photos show.

Then, in the early spring, I noticed that my husband had tied twine around the trunk of two of our very young
kusa dogwoods and then tied the twine to a stake,  to help keep them upright.  The trunks had started to grow around the twine, and when I pulled the rope out, there was a ring into the trunk itself, leaving the tree very vulnerable — almost like an open wound.    So I took a tiny emerging leaf from each tree, brought them in, and did Reiki on both of them for a couple of weeks.

I’m happy to report that not only are both trees just fine — but out of the five kusa trees we have (all of the same age) the two that got Reiki are the only two that are blooming right now.

I knew you’d enjoy this story!

Hope all is well……….


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