Reiki Hand Position For The Mouth

The Reiki hand position for the mouth, also known as the “Reiki Mouth Cradle,” is a great optional Reiki position to use during a Reiki treatment anytime there is something going on with the mouth, i.e., the teeth, gums, lips or tongue.Use the Reiki hand position for the mouth after a dental procedure to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, and promote healing.
The Reiki hand position for the mouth is also an excellent Reiki position to supplement a Reiki treatment targeting gum disease. In addition, the Reiki hand position for the mouth is very effective for treating cold sores.
How to do the Reiki hand position for the mouth: If you are giving a Reiki treatment to a client, first place tissue over the client’s mouth (for cleanliness) and then create a cradle or bridge with your hands over the client’s mouth but do not touch the mouth itself. Your hands should hover over the mouth. Note: For Reiki self-treatment, it is acceptable to have your hands in contact with the mouth itself during the treatment. Hold the Reiki hand position for the mouth in place at least 10 minutes at a time. Use this Reiki hand position on a regular basis for best results.Note: If the condition you are treating is chronic, meaning that it has been there 3 weeks or longer, it is recommended that you also do full body Reiki treatments because by then, the entire body would be involved in the healing process.

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