A More Effective Healer

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John’s Road to Healing – A More Effective Healer

Once I saw him manifesting Vhibuti, which is a form of ash materialized from thin air. Sai Baba does this by rotating his hand, tipping it over and dropping the Vhibuti into the hand. This happened ten yards from me and was given to an Indian who fell to his knees in thanks.

While I was there, it was rumored that Sai Baba was going to one of his ashrams near Bangalore. When he finally left, most of the people visiting the ashram, almost 3,000 of them, left too. I decided not to go. Kathleen had already gone home, so I stayed at the ashram, going into the temple whenever I could for the ceremonies. The energy was strong because Sai Baba lived upstairs. It was even more palpable than at the Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Nepal. I got a feeling for the ashram, the energy around it and a feeling for Sai Baba. I believe my energy increased greatly from my experience with Sai Baba and made me better channeler of Reiki.

My experiences with transcendental meditation, with Siddha Yoga at Swami Rama’s Himalayan Institute and with Sai Baba’s ashram, seem to tie together. In each place I came to a more peaceful way of living. I overcame my anxiety about the future. My emotional set-point is now much more peaceful than it was. As a result, I am a more effective healer.

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