A Reiki Healing

From the Book  Hand to Hand
John’s Road to Healing – A Reiki Healing

About two weeks after I took the first Reiki class, Beth and I were returning from visiting a friend in a Redwood City hospital. We went to our car in the parking lot where I held the car door open for Beth. When she got in, I closed the door on her hand. When I opened the door, releasing her hand, Beth fainted. I held her inside the car until she recovered consciousness. Then I went around to the driver’s side, got in and held her injured hand for about 40 minutes. When the almost unbearable pain subsided, I continued to hold her hand for several minutes more. The pain eased and then went away. When I took my hands away, her hand was completely well, no black and blue. She had flex in her knuckles with only a little black mark on a fingernail. It was as though nothing had happened. This was complete evidence to Beth and me that the system really worked. I knew that Reiki flowed through me even though I was a beginner. This was a point of awakening for me, and the force of that awakening has carried on through the many years.

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