A Trip to India

From the book Hand to Hand
John’s Road to Healing – A Trip to India

My experience with Siddha Yoga shifted my emotional set-point to a more relaxed, trusting and peaceful state. I still had an interest in future events but not a fixation. I also became interested in the experience of dying and the possibility of other lives that we may have had in the past or would have in the future.

I also read a book about Sai Baba, a Hindu holy man. In India, people consider him to be a representative of God, like the Buddha, Christ or Krishna. I thought it would be interesting to visit Sai Baba so he could help me to improve my ability to transmit Reiki.

Soon after, two friends, Tim and Jane, invited me to give a Reiki workshop at their home in Charlotte, Vermont. When I entered the room in which I was to stay, I saw a photo of Sai Baba. I immediately ran downstairs to ask Jane about it. She told me, “Yes, I that is Sai Baba. I visited his ashrams in Puttaparthi, India.”

When I asked her if she had stayed for some time, she answered, “I was on a tour of India and was only planning two or three days there.” “But,” I said, “You stayed a year.” She responded, “That’s right. I stayed longer in India than I thought I would. Is there anything else that you can tell me about myself?” I had run out of intuition and had nothing to add.

Toward morning, in the bedroom with the picture, I had the experience of feeling that my head was taken off and then put back on the way it should be, perhaps so I could be a better channel for Reiki.

When I told a friend, Kathleen Curry, back in Virginia about the experience, I said that it triggered the thought that I would take a trip to India. She replied, “I’m going too.”

Kathleen and I selected a time a couple of months away. Since my daughter worked with a group that had designed, built and was operating the Hotel Vajra in Kathmandu, Nepal, I wanted to see it as well as staying at Sai Baba’s ashram.

After a tour around Kathmandu, we flew to New Delhi, then to Bangalore. We were billeted at a hotel which was primarily concerned with Sai Baba, so the next day, the manager of the hotel got a taxi for Kathleen and me for Puttaparthi, where Sai Baba resides.

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