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The “Reiki Newsletter” section of the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing website is dedicated to presenting our visitors, including experienced Reiki practitioners, new Reiki students, and the public at large, with news and fine articles on the practice of Reiki, and related subjects, e.g., chakras and auras. Many of the Reiki healing energy articles presented in the “Reiki Newsletter” section draw on the teachings of Hawayo Takata (the Japanese-American woman who first brought Reiki to the West), the enormous wealth of Reiki healing information accumulated by John Harvey Gray during his many years of teaching and practicing Reiki energy healing techniques as both an energy healing modality and a tool for spiritual development, and from Dr. Lourdes Gray’s many years of deep, concentrated learning and practice of Reiki with her husband and teacher, John Harvey Gray.

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The content below is what you would have received via our email newsletter. The email newsletter continues and you can subscribe (see left side column). After November 2012, we began posting newsletter articles in the “Articles” section of the website, and as of July 2014, new articles are located in our blog.


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The material and techniques presented on are for the Reiki student’s learning purposes only. In no way are the material and techniques to be considered medical advice. Reiki practitioners are not permitted to diagnose or perscribe. Reiki is not a substitute for medical care. If you or your pet have a health related condition, and you would like to use Reiki, first consult a licensed medical practitioner or licensed veterinarian, whichever the case may be, and follow the advice of this licensed medical professional in regards to the administration of Reiki for your or your pet’s health related condition.

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