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The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing is proud to offer our visitors a series of free Reiki video clips taken from our Reiki training classes archives. Most of these Reiki videos were filmed during our live Reiki training classes. The presented Reiki videos will include a variety of topics related to Reiki healing energy and other related subjects. Thus, the videos will provide experienced Reiki practitioners, new Reiki students, energy healers, and the public at large, with a wealth of information regarding the practice of Reiki as a energy healing modality, as well as Reiki as a tool for spiritual development.

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Reiki Training: Introduction to Scanning

In this fascinating Reiki video, filmed during a live Reiki training class, John Harvey Gray demonstrates his highly acclaimed method of scanning the human aura for general physical vitality, feeling energy in the chakras and looking for “Zings.”

Reiki Self Treatment

In this informative Reiki video clip, filmed during a live Reiki energy healing training class, Reiki Masters John Harvey Gray and Dr. Lourdes Gray provide guidelines for using Reiki self-treatments and describe its many benefits.

John Harvey Gray interview on WMUR NH Chronicle

Learn Reiki Self-Treatment

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