Reiki Volunteer Opportunities at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston invites all Reiki practitioners, certified in Reiki Level 2 or above, to apply for enrollment in its volunteer Reiki Practicum Program. BWH’s Reiki Practicum Program is looking for volunteers who are ready to serve from their hearts by offering comfort, care, and compassion while gaining Reiki experience in a major hospital setting.

Our program offers Reiki practitioners a wide range of opportunities to work with patients in critical need of comfort and care. These patients include cancer patients, pre-operative patients, post-operative patients, and so much more. Reiki has effectively helped BWH patients with pain management, stress and anxiety, restlessness, spiritual connection, and many health conditions.

The program itself requires a 100-hour total time commitment from every volunteer. Each volunteer commits to one 2-hour shift, once per week. Some volunteers choose to stay for longer than their 2-hour minimum for their weekly shifts. The program seeks reliable volunteers who are able to show up for the same shift each week, although we do offer some flexibility for those with varying work schedules (examples including nursing students, nurses, etc.). We are currently only accepting volunteers with weekday availability, as that is when our coordinators are available to offer training and support.

As we have limited parking options, we are really looking for volunteers whom live in the Greater Boston Area and find public transportation easy or whom drive and are able to pay for their own parking. Our MBTA T-stop is Brigham Circle on the Green Line’s E-line. The parking garage across the street from our hospital charges $9 for 2-3 hours, $10 for 3-4 hours, and $12 for 4-5 hours.

The average completion time of the 100-hour practicum is one year. Upon completion of 100 total hours of volunteer service, BWH Reiki practitioners receive a certificate of completion from the Hospital to help enhance their credentials as professional Reiki providers.

Many BWH Reiki volunteers feel hugely inspired when witnessing the health benefits that their patients experience while receiving Reiki treatments. Many of our volunteers find that they benefit so much from their unique experiences in the hospital that they decide to stay with us for longer than 100 hours. A few volunteers have been with the program for five years or more.

The BWH Reiki Practicum Program is honored to collaborate with Lourdes Gray and the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing. Anyone certified to practice Reiki Level 2 or above is welcome to apply. For those who are enrolled in Reiki Master training with Lourdes, the BWH Reiki Practicum Program is a great way to fulfill your graduating requirement of 100 hours of practicum experience.

Thanks so much for your interest. If you have any questions at all about the program or you are interested in applying, please email Matthew McDonald, the BWH Reiki Program Coordinator, at, with the subject title “John Harvey Gray Center Posting: Interested Volunteer.”

In deep love and gratitude,

Matthew McDonald
Reiki Program Coordinator
Healing and Caring Modalities
Department of Nursing
Office: 617.525.9522
Mobile: 857.294.1746

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  1. I live in New York, and am a 2nd degree in the Usui Method, I am very interested in volunteering in something like this. Do you know of any programs in my area?

    Thank You

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