RMP-Lesson 3

Welcome to Lesson 3! Your lesson pdf, audio and video files are ready for you. Please read the text, listen to the audio recording and read the transcription. Also, watch the videos, practice the exercises and take good notes. Let us know anytime you have questions. Thank you.

Downloadable Files

Takata Audio Files T-17

(transcription found in lesson pdf)

Zoom Class Videos

Meditation Day 1

Lesson 2 Homework Review
Meridian Tracing Day 1
Oriental Concepts Part 1
Oriental Concepts Continued
Oriental Concepts Continued Qi
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1a
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1b
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1c
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1d
Meditation Day 2
Meditation Day 2
Meridian Tracing Day 2
Spooky 1 Review
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 1e
Advanced Linking Awareness Part 2
Lesson 3 Q&A
The Rice Experiment

Class Videos

Yin and Yang Lecture

Yin & Yang Exercise. Please watch this video and practice the exercise before continuing.

Qi Lecture

This is the most current and expansive version of Advanced Linking Awareness. Please pause the video and practice each of the exercises before continuing. This version includes the balancing technique for interior/exterior spaces. Use the information that you collected in the Yin & Yang Exercise to balance your interior/exterior space.

Linking Awareness Part 1. Older version but will be very helpful to you.

Linking Awareness Part 2 of the older version.

Linking Awareness Part 3 of the older version.

Qi. This video goes into more detail about Qi than the video lecture featured at the top of the page. (Plus Extras: Communications Skills, Chair Treatment and Self-treatment Demo Takata Style)

Dr. Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals. Please watch the video and then follow the instructions in your manual to set up your rice experiment.

The Rice Experiment Exercise (Please watch the Messages from Water video first).

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